Hope to find motivation

just joined. i need to lose 100 pounds. i know what to eat but my motivation in the evening zeros out and i overeat. hope to find some help here


Welcome to the site mate. This place really does work and you will get TONNES of help and support. Below is a good link to start with and have a look at getting yourself into a 30 group as you will get loads of support there too.


All the best mate!

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Why do you want to loose 100 lbs?

Your reasoning could be all the difference.


I know this reflects the title of the post but is it really that you loose motivation? Do you want to loose weight less on an evening than you do at other times? Or is it that you have less willpower on an evening, are put in circumstances where it is easier to overeat, have developed a habit for overeating etc?

Deciding whether you lack motivation or whether its other factors is key to success.


Evenings are tough. Lots of us find them difficult. You got to change. Change what you do in the evening, break habits and start new ones. Only have healthy stuff on the house to snack on. Go to bed earlier. Find something to do that keeps you away from food.


Hey @bbats
Welcome to MANvFAT!

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Ok, here are my thoughts about why I want to lose this much weight. 100 lbs is my goal, but I would be super happy with 10 lbs at this point.
Get rid of my CPAP
I want to be able to buy and wear clothes easier
I want to be more comfortable in movies, planes, chairs at work
I want to improve my mobility and save my knees so that I don’t lose mobility later
I want to be able to breath easier without extra weight on my chest and stomach
I want to feel the joy of success; of trying and achieving rather than always trying and then trying again and again without success or progress.
I want to reduce my cancer risks


Good point. Habit is definitely a huge part of the problem. I think a lot of times, I’m tired and I lack the energy to keep on track with my goals. I find it really easy during the day to eat right, exercise During the day I’m not tempted by food that I eat at night, like peanut butter, bread, deserts if they are in the house. During the day, a doughnut could sit on my desk all day, and I’d never think twice about eating it - it wouldn’t appeal to me. However at night, I could eat a box of doughnuts!


purely a laymans ideas here, but I first started trying to reduce my caloric intake. I started tracking everything I ate, and was honest about it. No judgement, just honesty. Then I started trying to reduce my caloric intake to a daily threshold. I could eat whatever I wanted within that threashold. Pizza, donughts, fast food. Doesn’t matter, so long as its below your caloric limit.

I’m doing this in baby steps, but I am doing it.

I don’t know you well, but your here. And thats a great start. I know you can do this, because your asking for help.

So, my very personal recommendation is, start by tracking what you eat. I use MyFittnessPal, but there are other apps and tools out there. the app I use, was able to give me a rough calculation based of height, age, desired weight, and desired weight loss rate (ie 1 pound a week, 1.5 pounds a week, 2 pounds a week, ect.).

Start small, then work from there.

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So that’s great news then. You’re not really looking for motivation, you are looking for ways to avoid evening eating.

Have a look at these threads.


Thanks, these are great. It’s helpful to see that there are so many different ways of problem solving the same issue and that there is no one ‘right’ way. I often become so inflexible in my plans that they end up frustrating me and in the end, they don’t help.

I started tracking what I am eating after dinner and it’s actually more than I thought and I thought it was a lot already! I can see where just reducing what I eat after dinner as a first step could really make a difference.

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That is a great start. Keep tracking, and seeing where you can cut back. That’s how I started, and I would recommend that approach to anyone just starting out.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. We’re all here to help each other.