How can I help bring MAN v FAT Football to my area?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “When is MAN v FAT Football is coming to Area X?”

That’s all well and good for those pushy jerks from Area X, but what about your area? And if we’re planning a league near you how can you make it arrive quicker?

This post is all about stuff you can do to bring MAN v FAT Football to your area and QUICKLY DAMMIT.

#1 - Get your local public health team to bring MAN v FAT Football to your area

Chances are your local public health team are probably a really nice bunch of people who are committed to improving the health of their residents. So it stands to reason that if one of their residents emails them asking to bring MAN v FAT Football to their area then they’ll listen.

Here’s a full list of the guys and gals you should drop a polite email to. CC in and we’ll talk to them about how it can work in their area.

The real bonus of this approach is that if the local authority bring MAN v FAT Football to your area then it might well be free for you to join and play.

#2 - Get your mates/colleagues/family to join up

If you want to see the leagues launch sooner then start telling people about it.

  • Tell people you’re joining the league on Facebook, Twitter, email, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit - wherever you post, share the news and tell them why you’re joining.
  • Don’t forget you can earn a fiver for everyone you refer to the league.
  • Put posters or flyers at work (here’s a set of the flyer and poster as a high res PDF and an image
  • Stick flyers up at work, in the local supermarket, at your local barber, in your local pub, wherever blokes go.
  • Ask your favourite football players for a RT for the league
  • The link you need to share is
  • If you want us to send you posters and flyers just email with your address and we’ll get them in the post to you.

#3 - Speak to a local company or organisation about bringing MAN v FAT Football to your area
We’re always keen to partner with companies and organisations to get MAN v FAT Football everywhere. Do you know anyone at a large local company who might be willing to sponsor a league? Do you know someone at the local FA or the local football club who could bring a league to the area? Drop them an email and CC in and we’ll do our best to make it work. This has been successful in several leagues - why not for you too?

#Finally - Remember that MAN v FAT is founded on the basis that it’s built by men for men. Getting the leagues up and running is no different, if you want it to arrive sooner then you’re the one who is best placed to make that happen…