How can you motivate yourself?

I oftentimes need blood pumping or thought provoking motivation at the beginning of the day to get me started. I either listen to some podcast/music or I watch videos like these:

How do you make sure to stay in a growth mindset during the day?

Do you have any special tricks or tips that you are willing to share?

One of the tricks I picked up on my weight loss journey (360 lbs to 200 lbs) was to take a big water bottle, fill it to about 750 mls with water, and then add either zero-calorie water flavour or about 100 mls of diet pop. That way I felt like I was drinking pop or juice, but it was mostly water, and zero calories.

Cracking post @Tello

I like to get my workout done first thing in the morning because I find that gives me the motivation to continue the day healthily because of a healthy start to the day.

You can also find some amazing loser stories on the MAN v FAT website ( ) which are always extremely inspiring.

Anybody else have any ways to keep motivated?

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