How Close Are You To Your Target Weight?


As the title says…

How close are you to getting to your (final/next step) target?
As you get closer and have less calories to play with how are you finding it? Can you reduce your cals any further? Are you stepping up your exercise etc…?
If you want, you can use this thread as a record and keep us updated of your progress.

If I could start…
29/11 - 95.5kg…Final Target 85kg.
Losing the first 30kg was pretty easy…but losing this final 10kg is proving hard. I did get down to 89.7kg last August but some sludge has started to creep back on. I have set myself 10 weeks to reach this 85kg…Is it OK to share progress here (I know we have groups etc…)
Don’t want to seem like I am starting a topic for purely my own benefit, if you want to share your story here and update…please do so.

My exercise routine is pretty good so I really need to start looking at what goes in a lot more closely, if I don’t shovel it into my mouth, I don’t need to work it off right?

I currently aim for 2000 cals day, being 187cm tall and 44 years old.


I find the ‘final push’ exceptionally difficult…in fact I’ve never achieved it in all my years of trying. Since start of this current membership of MvF, I dropped from 219.2 to 196 in three groups, then have stalled, indeed increased to around 200 whereas target is 180 lbs.

Ok, I’ve the double excuse of injury (mystery lump on groin plus hernia) which came to consultation end of group 3, the a stinky cold/cough during a special push and relaunch in group 5…but I have another reboot starting on Saturday 1st December and I’m happy to post here, and learn from others, if there is a gathering of interest.

I think it’s an established fact that the early pounds are easier to lose than the final ones, and therefore it is a legitimate subject to discuss separately. Let’s see…


I hear you. I’m back at 100.2kg, (got to 98.4kg just before the baby was born but that was over 3 months ago!)

Target 87.4kg for healthy BMI. And then a bit lower. Also 44, also 187cms.

My slower progress this year is because I have allowed myself more of everything… 19.3kg lost by last Xmas, only 6kg overall this year (yes that’s almost a stone but gains at Xmas, Easter (was also Birthday) and when the baby was born mean I have lost more than that as I had put back on…

My daily ‘allowance’ is currently 1739 calories, courtesy of Lose It & the ‘lose 1kg a week’ option. (It would be 2,289 for 0.5kg a week & 2,839 to maintain, which seems a crazy amount.)

Been having a decent week I feel, so unusually for me I have not been near the scales since weighin. Why? Because whenever I see I have had a good start to the week, I allow myself some extra treats and lose less than I should have… Trying for under 95kg before Xmas.


Gone from 490lbs at the start of the year to 390lbs on Tuesday.

Target is currently way off but I’ve lost over 50 of those lbs in the last 10 weeks so I’m motoring.

Plan is to lose as much weight as possible this season at MvF which ends on January 8th and then look to steady the weight loss to a more reasonable 1kg a week.

I’m 176cm so my healthy BMI is 76.4kg - can I ever see myself hitting that? You never know.


Thanks gents.
Weighed myself this morning and I am 95.9kg. I am going to see if I can hit that 85kg in 10 weeks. I need to be a lot more committed that I have been recently.


I’m 92kg and have been as low as 89. My ultimate goal is 85. My aim is to be 92 on New year’s day and drive on from there.


Gave in, looked at the scales. Barely moved since Monday. My Garmin Connect says my average resting/moving calorie burn for the last week is nearly 3000 calories a day and that’s lower that the real figure as it includes today (only 10am and just over 1000, mainly resting…)

Lose It says I should only have 1739 a day. Is that the problem, am I following too low? Just seems if I consume another 500 a day, I gain…

The deficit shown is because of exercise, I have eaten between 1694 & 1736 every day… :confused:


I was on a good run and thought I would hit my target by Christmas but, yes the but, I have hit the wall this last month so looking to change things up a little. I really want to get back on track. 2,5 stone gone so far and I want another 2 so if you good folks have any little secrets or tips then I will be listening


Weighin recorded just a 0.2kg loss.
Now 100kg. Gonna take a good look at my habits, guessing that the quality of calories could be better as I have always advocated a salad everyday for a treat everyday…


I weigh myself everyday, just out of interest and just because the scales are anyway…
Sun - 95.9 Mon - 95.7 Tues - 95.9.
Just dropping and raising atm so I need to put more effort or less food in.


So… do we need to ask ourselves what we are doing different now compared to when we started the journey?

For me, I am cooking less, eating less filling foods and then wondering why I am hungry and snacking.

So that changes back as of now.

490 calorie, homemade chicken tikka masala, complete with a bit of naan.

Mapped out what meals are going to be cooked right into Christmas, let’s see if we get a result over the next 2 or 3 months.

The added bonus was by the time I messed about getting sorted before cooking and then actually cooking, 3 hours had passed since leaving work without even thinking of a snack.


I’m back up to 96.6kg.


Well I posted a gain last week, as mentioned on my thread. That took me to 101.2kg.

Tonight we dropped to 100.2kg. We go again, although I don’t even try at Christmas…


I still struggle 2 get my head round the fact that my healthy weight is 7stone 9lbs (lower end). I honestly dont think av been that since primary school or sumthing. Whatever. Will see


The higher end of my “healthy” zone is 84kg.
I am not sure what I will look like if I get that low. I am 183cm tall and have already been advised to stop at 90kg.
Not sure what these weights are in stone.
I am 97.9kg today and feeling pretty peed off with myself.


Multiply the kg weight by 2.2 to get the weight in lbs and divide by 14 to give the weight in stones.

90kg x 2.2 = 198lbs

198lbs ÷ 14 = 14.14st (14st 2lbs)




Higher end for me is like just over 10 stone. Again, canot even.imagine bein that slim!!


Yeah at 187cms tall, I am worrying about looking like a rake at a sub 90kg weight. :grin:


Nice to see this thread active.

My aim is to reward myself with a parachute jump. Found out this week it’s a max weight of 220. Or a bmi of 30. There’s my target or less than that. I’ve crept under bmi 40 for the first time in I don’t know when so let’s see how it goes next year. My goal a skydive over the palm in Dubai :+1:t2: