How did I get here - how do I get out

Hello all,

First post. I came across this forum a while back, and have been lurking and have decided to finally post.

I’m in Canada, and over the last few years the weight has piled on. I went on blood pressure tablets a few years ago. Then I got divorced my ex left me, I moved out on my own, met a wonderful new woman, at 43 am going to get married again for a second time. Over the past winter I put on around 20+ lbs, got put on cholesterol tabs by my doctor, and cracked 300 lbs for the first time in my life. Despite lots of good stuff going on, I’m feeling bad physically. Getting winded more often than ever, clothes not fitting like they used to, or at all. My spouse to be in nearly a decade younger than me, and wants children (I have none to date) and I would like that as well, and I don’t want to be a fat out of shape old dad who’s unable to do anything with his kid.

I’ve started getting back to the gym, trying to do at least 3 times a week, minimum for at least 30-40 minutes, and I’m trying to be very mindful and count calories, trying to stay under 1800. It’s hard to keep motivated, obviously, or we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Does anyone have any tips, gym wise or food/diet wise that’s been successful for them? Every journey starts somewhere, and I’m hoping mine has begun. Seeing the success you have had is extremely motivating, and makes me think, I can do it do.

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Hey! Congrats on the start of your journey. I’m a Physical Therapist living in the states myself (how I came upon this site I’ll never know). I used to be about 245 and am now down to around 205, so it can be done!

First off, from a food/calorie perspective you might be a little aggressive on the 1800/day. I know it sounds enticing to slash all the calories out of your diet, but that’s can lead to breakdowns in your mental state after awhile. It’s just really hard to start off this marathon with a sprint.

I did a quick calculation on your BMR(basal metabolic rate, which is essentially what your body burns if your sitting all day), and assuming your 300 lbs at 5ft 10 inches and 40, then your calories/day are around 2500.

Honestly, your minimum calories should be in the 2300 range. If your going to the gym and moving regularly, then you will see large differences without feeling so much like your starving yourself.

Second, eliminate your liquid calories. They’re basically useless.

Third, if your going to the gym, find the most entertaining thing you can when you go there. Doesn’t matter if it’s the stair master, treadmill, weights, or group exercise classes. Try new things, you’ll never know if you enjoy something until you give it a shot. I love group exercise classes personally.

Fourth, try to post on a forum or talk to someone such as your partner 3 times a week(similar to your gym goals) about your progress. The good, the bad, and the ugly, it doesn’t matter. Reach out. It’s way easier to do this with a team than on your own.

Finally, eat real food. Don’t try to get all your calories from bars and packages.



That is brilliant advice!

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