How do people loose weight continuously?

So I have been experimenting a lot with diets etc since doing man vs fat but not one has given me results as I keep yo yoing loose one week put on the next. So was wondering what people on here do and any links to websites that people have used if they have any. I need as much advice as possible please guys as I want to make this my most successful man vs fat season.

If you haven’t done already, I’d start by reading some of the threads by @maxnas about creating calorie deficits. Historically I’ve tried many ‘diets’ but the only thing that I’ve had long term success with is tracking every little bit of food that goes in and creating a consistent deficit. I also weigh myself every morning, but take it with a pinch of salt as it can be a few pounds either way, but the weekly/monthly averages don’t lie and are a truer reflection. If my weight does increase over a week I can generally put my finger on something I’ve not done right!

Pretty much that really.
Look at the food you are eating and look at lower calorie substitutions, and look at time when you might over eat and look for other distractions.
Find some form of exercise that you love and enjoy doing it. I walk and a lot and people say I will burn more cals through running but I enjoy walking (with a the occasional run). I am also into martial arts etc…so I use the Body Combat system that I love doing.
Don’t think of things as a sacrifice or losing out on stuff. Healthy nutritious food is also delicious, sometimes more so.

I really don’t think fancy diets are needed, forget “sins” and all that rubbish

I started in November and have lost weight at every single weigh in since then. I was 14st 8 when I started and have lost got down to 12st, admittedly I put a bit on in between seasons because we had a 4 week break so I had a couple of weeks off.

The BEST way to do it is Simply eat less and move more, I will go for a run or go to the gym 5 times a week, and I’ve cut out all fizzy pop, beer and as much rubbish food as possible (I’m a really fussy eater so this was the hardest)
Still let myself have a treat night each week.

Stop with the fad diets that you can’t keep to and just simplify things!

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Don’t diet. Make healthy lifestyle changes.

The weeks you didn’t lose weight, you weren’t in a calorie deficit, it’s as simple as that.

If you aren’t already doing it, track your intake honestly for a few weeks, and see where you are eating more than you realise. Other than that, move more too.

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