How long is the waiting list?

I signed up today but just found out that there is a waiting list for the Leyton Orient league. How long is the waiting list? Do I need to wait before I can come along on a Tuesday? Cheers, John

Hi John, normally once you are registered you have to wait for an e-mail from your league coach who will invite you down to a session. I don’t think you will find out how long the waiting list is, some leagues are very popular and have waiting lists, others have spaces regularly.
Have you thought about potentially joining another league in the area, maybe Redbridge? who may not have a waiting list, just a thought and don’t think it is that far from Leyton

Really depends on when a space opens up (by an existing member leaving)

Can you enter a team and bypass any long queues? Asking for a friend…

not really, everyone has to wait until a space becomes available, they would then offer it to the person that has been waiting the lognest
The only time ths may differ is if there are a group of people waiting to join and they all want to be in the same team, if only one person leaves, then they would offer this to the first person on the list joining on their own, so that would speed the process up slightly ,but other than that it is a cae of just waiting until you are a tthe front of the queue

@Doug7923 should be able to help you out.