How much to lose to drop sizes?


Ok. Recently I lost a bit and dropped sizes, down an x on shirts and down a trouser size. I’m currently between sizes now and it’s annoying.
I then read that you drop a size every 15 or so pounds. This was a recent search that brought this up.
So my question how many pounds did you lose to go down sizes? Or to notice it?

Not even sure I’ve worded it right. I know it’s different for everyone


60lbs took me from 2XL to L.
I’m 6ft 2 tall though.

And still 23lbs away from a healthy BMI.


Good question mate am wondrrin that meself. Probs depends on height abit an all, lucky 4 shortasr$es like me lol


15lbs sounds way too little. I’m down 120lbs+ and I’ve gone down 2 sizes, borderline 3.

Also in between sizes currently which is painful.


Depends a lot where you’re carrying your fat. I currently wear 46 inch waist trousers, thats too loose for me around the waist, but if I go smaller it’s too tight around the thighs.


I think Jplant has the right of it. For years, my thighs/butt were thicker then my actual waist. So I think it’d depend on where you carried it.

For me, I’m down 77 pounds so far, and I dropped from a size 38/40 waist to a size 44. And I used to wear XL/XXL shirts, now I’m down to a L.