How to curb cravings for sweets

Any advice on how to resist or curb cravings. I get cravings for chocolate or crisps around 10:30 pm after a hard days work. Difficult to resist sometimes.

What do you guys do.

Drink more liquids
Get fuller earlier (more protein, slower carbs earlier in the evening)
Psychological cheats - clean your teeth (then you’re in bed mode), do some squats/exercises instead
Eat smaller amounts of higher %age choc. This never works for me but some swear by it.

I agree - for me when I get those chocolate cravings I go for the dark chocolate with lower sugar levels in -it’s a compromise that seems to satisfy the tastebuds ??

Or recently a half scoop of Choclate protein powder in water - not enough for a full meal substitute so again the calories are low and its 25% protein so satisfies the hunger a bit as well


The very dark chocolate works well for me. As I’ve started eating less I find I want stronger, more intense flavours - 50gm of strong blue cheese with a sliced pear or some grapes instead of a big chunk of plastic cheddar with lots of pickle, for instance. Switching to black unsweetened coffee rather than lattes with syrup works fine as long as it’s good coffee.
Also, I need to have lots of fruit available at all times so I can avoid sugary things. And I find unsweetened dried mango & pineapple works well too and has a good texture to keep my mouth occupied.

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Good advice apart from Blue cheese and I can’t stand pickle/vinegar/onions. Rather starve lol maybe that’s what I need to surround myself.

I will get back on course Monday so will get some dark chocolate and some dried mango and pineapple and some cashew nuts and almonds to snack on.

In regards to coffee I’m a coffee fanatic and I will only drink Nespresso decaf and full caffeine espresso without sugar or milk. sometimes I will have a Greek coffee after church at community centre if I’m feeling extra tired but again you don’t put milk in it and I have no sugar either.

Gonna get some amino acids for before jiujitsu as it’s fasted training with coffee.

Hmm, surround yourself with food you really don’t like - that might just work!
Air-popped popcorn might be another option instead of crisps, but check first because some popcorn is really high calorie depending on how it’s cooked and topping. Easiest way, put some plain kernels in a paper bag and fold over the top and put it in a microwave for two minutes. Then just sprinkle in a little spice mix you like, or cocoa powder or whatever, and shake it all up.

Honestly? If you’re craving sweet stuff at 10:30 at night, just go to bed.

This is advice from an inveterate nightbird, btw. I’ve ratcheted my bedtime back to pre-midnight, which has been a major help to me.

1 - when you’re sleeping you’re not eating
2 - getting the right amount of sleep helps the weight loss process

10:30PM at night? Instead of sweets just have sex. Then again, that is my solution to everything :wink: .


I must admit that avoiding buying choccy biscuits stops me eating them , but I also have the odd medjool date . Nice hit of sugar and good for the digestion also :smirk:

My current guilty secret though are tunnocks tea cakes which are just over a 100 calories so a nice treat . Trick is just to have the one though !

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I seldom even get to the box before the kids have devoured them! Same with their legendary caramel wafers (a bit more calorific).

I have the same thing but with fizzy pop so my alt is sparking lemon and lime water, and for crisps i tend to use snack a jacks or couple of crackers but i try to eat anything really after 8pm, just drink fluid water/sparking water.

But of course this is all personal preferences.

Daren’t even buy those Doc as they are just tooo nice!

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For a brief, glorious period I had Tunnocks as a customer. God, I miss those guys.

That might be why you are on here! :grinning:

Not sure what my excuse is

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Brushing my teeth seems to help. And one I read a while ago apple cider vinegar diluted in water seems to clear the need for sweetness in your palate

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It’s a craving, not hunger. Wait 2 minutes and it will pass on its own. Sit with it, examine the feeling, really get to know it.

Learn to tell the difference between a craving and real hunger.

Grapes, peanut butter or a very small glass of OJ works well for me.

Apple cider vinegar just a splash in water and drank seems to get rid of the wanting of sweetness. Might just be me though.

Hey guys
I’ve been missing from round Here for a while
Some good ideas but I cant stand vinegar so anything like that is out the window.
Also I don’t finish work until 10 so dontgethome til 10:30 so I centrist go to bed. I need to wind down.

Ive just joined pure gym which is opening by me on 22/12/15 so it’s 24 hrs so after work I can go and do 45 mins 2 or 3 times per week. Plus my boxing and possible start jujitsu again in new year.
Fingers crossed for new-year.