How to eat healthy?

Guys, how do you stay away from all the bad food? I live in a big family and I can’t change our whole diet just because I want to lose weight. I dont know what to do, because there are always snacks in the cupboards for my younger siblings and sometimes I can’t resist. I am hopeless. Please help

Don’t have younger siblings but do have 3 sons. All sorts of naughty stuff in our cupboards. Sometimes I slip, most of the time I don’t. Track, track, track and work on that willpower :wink:

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Out of sight is out of mind. My wife has stuff in the house and I can’t expect her not to. I try and stay out of the way when she’s eating it and then try to ensure it’s put away in a tin/cupboard.

Having a diet where some treats are allowed helps. Too extreme and you’ll be more tempted to give in.


What are you tracking your food intake with?

Do you you know what your intake needs to be?

The key is to track everything that goes in. That way you get to understand what your food habits are. Then you can start to change them.

Have you done the Health Check on the homepage to get yourself started?

It’s dull, and there’s no secret. You’ve got to learn to be honest with yourself and accountable to yourself.


To be honest the best way you will succeed is if your family change their habits too, maybe find healthier snack options so when you are tempted it’s not such a problem and it’ll be good for them too.

Much easier said than done of course.