How to recover from not losing!

Yesterday at my weigh in, it was the first time since I started Men v Fat - admittedly only 3 weeks ago, that I put weight on! BTW it was my birthday last weekend. Outside of Men V Fat I’ve lost weight every week since Christmas so this .2kg gain has not been good for my body or mind.

What do others do to cope with this negative feeling and how easy is it to get back on the horse - so to speak. Feeling like I’ve let others down is probably worse then my own feelings.


Don’t dwell on it. You are still less than when you started.

I tend to dwell on these things, get down and start to eat. Have been known to spend the next few days eating at which point I’ve put on even more weight.

Look at the positives not the negatives.

Hey mate, so keep in mind that ‘body-weight’ changes every single day & all througout the course of the day… it’s a sole reflection of the total weight that’s on the scale at that particular time & day

food in your gut, water/glycogen stores, clothes, etc etc

Had you eaten that day, wearing clothes, change of food types from the previous day (carbs carry water so if there’s a change in carb volume even with total calories being the same, your body will store more water), was it just a single weigh-in for the week… was the previous weigh-in under the exact same conditions?

My weight typically goes up & down by 1-3 lbs every single day, and that’s weight at the same exact time, butt naked, first thing in the morning, before eating/drinking & after using the bathroom… the weight on the day means nothing

But when I add them all together I get a weekly average & then I can compare the weekly (or bi-weekly) trend/s


It doesn’t go in a straight line daily,
It goes all over the place daily,
The longer term picture (week/s) should have a downwards trend

I wrote a post on here a while back, I’ll see if I can find it & re-post in a bit :slight_smile:

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Just to give a graphic example of @maxnas post. I weigh daily, but I track my average weight for the prior 30 days. This helps me differentiate the signal from the noise.

This is my daily weight for the last three months (noise):

This is my trailing 30 day average (signal) since 1st January:

Clearly, I haven’t fully recovered from Christmas, yet! However, I can see my trend heading in the right direction, and that’s much more important to me.

If I was starting out fresh, I’d monitor my weekly average, then when I had enough data I’d move it to monthly.


I agree with all of the above. As an aid to offset those weight fluctuations and gains try out the Happy Scale app. Tracks your weight using an algorithm that smooths out daily weight measurements to reflect your trends.

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So average over time is to be considered much more and not have a knee jerk reaction to a small gain. I’m only getting weighed once a week on the Man v Fat Football scales for consistency.

Looking on the positives over the past few weeks helps - it was just a downer while being weighed with my team mates and not contributing.

I’ll take your guidance on board gents



Brilliant app!

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I find that on ManVFat days I eat the same food, the same drinks, the same clothes… consistency…

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Keep positive! What has already been said, look at your weight logs over a longer time frame. If you are incrementally chipping away at the overall weight number, you will get there. No one has ever had a weight loss graph that looks like a downhill ski slope!

An update a week further on and I knock it out of the park - so to speak 3kg loss! I’ll be taking all your advice on board about averages over time, a good monitoring app, positivity and the camaraderie from my fellow team mates, coach and others!


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awsome! Can you see how you could have easily ‘landed’ on one of those days when the weight was higher & how it could have given the wrong impression?

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Great work @jwt.johntaylor !