How to update your profile and preferences

Hello, just a quick screengrab to explain how to update your profile picture and preferences so that the site becomes a bit more yours:

You can’t see the link you posted if using an iPad.

Really? I think that’s a screencast vs ipad thing rather than anything to do with the site. Can you just check whether the same is true with this link?

This is what I get if following the link.

And from the first posted link

It’s because ipads don’t do flash (long-running argument between the companies). I’m afraid that’s beyond my power to solve.

Isn’t there a simpler way of updating your profile ? Tried to watch that screen cast video and the relevance was lost on me !

Hey Phil,
I get the simplest way to explain it is to click on your profile image on the top right, click on the cog and fill in the information on that preferences page there. Profile picture, about me and location. However seems like you have already gone and done it - so good stuff! :smiley:

Is there any particular information you’d like see in the ‘about me’ or just whatever?

What you decide to add in there Andy. I don’t think there’s a character limit so it’s the perfect chance to get cracking on your memoirs :slight_smile:

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Dear admin guru. The adobe player ain’t wotking my old son. It just comes up with sorry. Even though i downloaded two versions from the playstore they dont seem to be kicking in to support my profile. I hate IT. Whatever happened to good old reliable email??

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Hi yep I also had issues with the ipad

Hi Admin,
Is there a new Challenge Group starting soon?