How your mood is affected by what you eat


I came across this video that explains how the food you eat can affect your mood. And I thought I’d share it with you all.

Hope this helps someone!


Just an FYI mate, for the sake of sharing legit science & evidence based information, Eric Berg is a know shill in the industry who peddles snake oil & nonsense for profit

He’s very well known in the industry & is considered a charlatan/scam artist by anyone with any credibility

He’s actually a chiropractor & mis-uses the ‘Dr’ title to take advantage of the perceived authority the title ‘Dr’ brings to talk about/sell nonsense in an industry he knows nothing about

On a personal level, he’s an absolute piece of sh!t, spreading mis-information & purposely mis-leading people who need/want help with their health so he can profit from their vulnerability & also leading people to belive that his doctorate is in some way related to nutrition (it’s not)

No offence at all mate & I really don’t mean to pi$$ on your parade but I’m just already privy to Dr dickhead, eric berg

He’s on the same charlatan list as Fung, Noakes, Taubes, Delauer etc etc


Sorry, I have to bite, I assume you mean Dr Jason Fung? What’s the word on the street?


The very one, ‘Dr’ (of kidneys btw, NOT nutrition) Fung (or Fungus as he’s comonly known as in the nutrition and training science industry) is one of, if not THE biggest known scammers in the industry. You wont find a single credible peer who holds him in any kind upstanding/moral regard

Another case of someone abusing their ‘Dr’ title to make millions by spreading mis-information to vulnerable people for profit


Any links to any counter arguments?

I almost feel bad for the local library, they must have paid for his book (which I borrowed). One of the key points I took was possible “benefits” of intermittent fasting (of which he isn’t the only person who has suggested it) but I know there are a few people on here who fast from time to time.


Oh, didn’t mean to promote some hack theories. My apologies. Could a mod delete this post? I can’t seem to delete it myself.


Just a question, why delete the post? It might be a good place for anyone in the know to post links to the science / medical articles debunking some of these theories.
While useful to have some warning about the relative merit of a article/person/theory, it’s got to be good to have the different views for anyone interested to read and understand?
Also, who then ultimately decides who is a charlatan and who has a worthwhile POV?


Exactly, its better left so anyone who see’s is in the know, this is actually helpful for spreading the knowledge of evidence based vs quack info

As far as who decides who the charlatans are… science and the overwhelming body of research that these people are aware of but choose to ignore or not aknowledge because it directly conflicts with their bottom line

This is a good post as education and understanding might come off the backend for some people :blush:


Can you include some of the links to the science /research debunking some of those trying to sell their books? (I’m trying not to generically refer to everyone as a charlatan).



You’ll have to be more specific mate, that sentence alone covers thousands of research papers, cohorts, free living studies, metabolic ward studies, meta analysis’ etc etc over decades of research mate

This is why I try not to get too ‘sciencey’ in the info I give out, as I spend the vast majority of my life/days inside this stuff, so I can give out the simple overarching basics for general population consumption

I do get that how my comment about ‘charlatans’ might just seem like my personal opinion in a vacum, but if you we’re inside the industry, friends with the top respected reasearchers & peers, all together familiar & keeping upto date with the (mass of ) research day by day over the decades, if would make more sense… so I do get it & I’m not trying to be pretencious or all-knowing etc, it’s just hard from my position to explain such a deep, complex systemization of mis-information as there’s SOOOOO much to know & understand

It took me long enough to get people to belive me about the very first step & fundamental foundation of fat loss (the calorie deficit) & some people still get upset with me when I try to explain this simple first step (as they’ve been sold on snake oil)

But luckily it seems to have formed into a solid piece of concrete & is well known on this forum & is also now making it to the mainstream public (not saying I did that, but hopefully I’ve helped to get the word out)

Hopefully over the years, I’ll be able to help people walk through all the steps so they can be fully independent

But as always, I’m happy to help with anything that I might have answers to :slight_smile:

PS - I don’t recommend anyone take what I saw as law, it’s always best to research for yourself, it’s just that there’s so much mis-information out there, it’s easy for the non-initiated (for lack of a better word) to take a wrong turn down the wrong alley & be led astray into a world of mis-information by someone in a white jacket using the ‘Dr’ title (Dr Oz for example)

But I do hope that I’ve built up some trust & demostrated over the years that my intentions (& knowledge) are/is good, & hopefully in some cases that’s enough to save someone from falling prey to the would be scammers who only care about filling their pockets with vulnerable peoples money



First off, I know you do a lot on this site to pass the message about weight loss and help people avoid being shafted by those who are just out to make money. In terms of PT advice, I’ve benefited.

I’m not sure i really know what industry you are in but if you have any links to articles regarding intermittent fasting and also insulin levels in the body affecting weight profiles, I’d be interested to read them as a counter to Dr Fung’s Book. I only pick him as I recently finished reading The Obesity Code and one thing he espouses is intermittent fasting which I have done in the past and still do from time to time but I was intrigued as to what other research was out there in this area, particularly as you described him as the biggest Scammer.

If you have any suggestions of whose work we should generally be reading, that would be great, obviously not Fung, Noakes, Taubes, Delauer or Berg.

Thanks in advance.


Absolutely mate, I’m about to take off for a long weekend but will post some reading materials for you when I’m back next week :slight_smile:


Thank you. I do appreciate it.