Howdy All

Hey all. It’s been a very long time since I posted anything to be honest. But that’s because I’ve had a bad spiral the last two years and struggled.

It started with recurring issues with my back and feet. I kept breaking my left foot and spent most of a season playing on it. I also noticed my back was slowly getting worse and taking longer to recover. Until I stopped playing football entirely and that made my mental health really bad. It got so bad that i wouldn’t move out of my chair or come off my Xbox, and losing all will to continue living. Then I made a move to Weston super mare and things started getting better.

However towards the end of my time in Weston things started to sour. I had got a new girlfriend and my friend I lived with got jealous and basically made me choose between her and my girlfriend. So I now have moved to be closer to my girlfriend. And now with my health getting better im making steps to get back to playing man v fat.

I’m going to sign up either to the Mansfield or Sheffield league as they are the two closest leagues to me.

So hopefully here’s to the restarting of my journey

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Good luck man.

Thank you buddy