How's your first week of 2019 going?


Happy new year everyone!

How’s your week going?

I know new year’s resolutions are generally a load of crap, but the start of a new year has really motivated me and I haven’t felt this focused for a long time. Obviously, it’s only the 4th of January and the real test will be trying to claw back some of this feeling on a random day in March, but I am feeling positive so I’m trying to make the most of that.

Are you enjoying the shift back into normality or are you mourning the sudden lack of Xmas food? :laughing:


I’ve struggled to pull myself back into a routine, whilst I do stress the importance of allowing yourself a buffer & having a bit of flexibility (especially over xmas) to the Cardiff MVF lads & my own clients, everyone is different.

Myself, I find staying in a routine is super easy & makes things easy, where others way see this as obsessive or too strict…. But it highlights the point that what works best for one person might not work best for the next.

The plan was to losen up over xmas, as opposed to staying in a routine like I usually do, & then getting back into a routine & dropping the few lbs & get back to baseline asap, but I’ve found by leaving the routine, it’s affected my hunger & carried over into the new year.

I’ll need to put a bit of mental effort into this to get back into that automatic routine :slight_smile:


I’m partway through a group and have found the second half much better. These last 5 days or so have been a lot closer to what I want and need to do. Can’t necessarily explain it, it just is.
I have in my mind a desire to do a long bike ride this year and it may be that subconsciously that is driving my behaviour.
5 days is a start, no more, no less, but it is better so far.


Finding it easier than I thought after scoffing everything in sight for at least a fortnight.

Maybe it’s the lose 20lb by Pancake Group that’s got my focus quickly back on track…

Healthy BMI by April is the new game.


Christmas was ok for me food wise especially having the support of MVF group. I am not in work so feel I have more control. My worry was going back to work, getting stressed, tired then turning to takeaways and treats as rewards. So far this has not happened but at the end of the day sometimes its hard. However much easier since I batch cooked some food and put in the freezer.


Back in the zone, not finding it too difficult, the first few days after bingeing were rough. Health problems are currently keeping my exercise at bay which is frustrating.

Once I get the all clear (positive thinking) I’ll be back exercising and hitting this weight hard again from both angles!


Just posted about it in help actually. its not easy. The first 2 days really back counting and…I have food on the brain at all times.

I know its just a mental thing, but my god its hard.