I am a sneaky, closet eater


As I live alone, there is no one to be sneaky with. I do recognise my weakness though as being the same one, that I used to have when in a relationship.
The only difference is that now I don’t hide the empty packets.
My real problem is midnight feasts.
If I was in bed asleep before 11pm I would not be scoffing crap at 2am .


Sounds familiar. That’s why I committed to be in bed by midnight every night. Don’t always manage it, but I do manage it more often than not.


That’s where the MVF family comes in - if you are not honest to your group then it’s only you your failing

Apart from the next 25 days when you are also failing your charity as money rides on this one - no,pressure of course just a reality check :scream_cat:


I have lost weight in the last seven days so it’s not all bad. It is going down in the right way.
I’m just being honest about my main failing :grinning: Midnight feasts.
If I could stop them, then my losses would be greater.


Couldn’t be arsed to stay up til midnight. 10pm is a late night for me fella. :open_mouth:


I think the main thrust here is that many of us have been (or are) sneaky eaters but have been in denial that the additional grazing we do on top of our 3 square meals a day is why we are fat.

I used to easily eat half a packet of choccy digestives with ease whilst sat in front of the TV at night. And when I have analysed myself I also know that I have snuck many a sneeky biccy in my mouth when the missus has been out of the room , quickly swallowingh it as she enters the room. I know it is wrong but I still did it.

I am far from an expert on what is best , calorie counting , not calorie counting , but I do know that there are no longer any “freebee cakes/biscuits” if I want to lose weight. I know that I can’t yet trust myself to have 1 biscuit so until I can then it has to be none, and the same goes for any other “sneaky” eating. Simples.


Same here — and I’m only 24!


I had/have a similar problem.

I was doing so well then temptation got the better of me. I was logging everything on MFP, it allowed me to see what I was consuming so was really helpful…then overtime I slipped, I started eating things and not declaring it.

Yup I was lying to myself and everybody around me. I knew I was doing wrong for myself but I couldn’t help myself.

I think this is where the differing points of view come to a head with @tanks and @Tetsugaku. Logging is a great tool, to keep track of things and maybe that is enough for some people, but for others like me its not, I can see what I am consuming, I am learning how good/bad something might be but if I am hiding the things which I know are bad then im not helping myself and this is where the other point of view comes in. if you have a problem of hiding the bad things, then you really do have a problem (which I have already admitted I have I believe). I eat for eating sake, its their, its cheap, it looks tasty, I just fancy something…I don’t currently have that ‘No, you don’t need to eat that’ switch.

So yeah, log away and use that as a tool, but the fact is I’m still broken.

Oh and the reason I have the ‘had/have’ at the beginning is because I haven’t logged anything for months therefore not lying to anybody…just not telling :smile:


I definitely have a problem with hiding poor food choices. Isn’t it strange that I try to be completely honest in all aspects of my life, but I can be the worst liar when it comes to hiding poor food choices.


See I don’t find it strange, I fully understand as I do exactly the same thing. Its like having a split personality, one that wants to do good and one that doesn’t care. My non caring personality still has the upper hand currently, I just need to find a psyche stick to give it a good beating!


I plan my meals and most of the time they are in their containers. If I fancy something, I guess I could eat it, but it would just be another meal like I had earlier in the day. I keep ZERO junk food, sodas, etc. at home. All my bottles of Macallan (18,25,35 yo) are stored away as well until I get to maintenance phase.

Biggest challenge is eating out, so I eat at places that give me a healthy and tasty choice. An example is yesterday where I had dinner out. Instead of the big steak I opted for cajun style red snapper with steamed cauliflower. Appetizer was tomato soup instead of crab cakes or fried oyster salad. I knew if I made bad choices I’d have to record it and its calories :wink: .

But again, “horses for the courses”. Everyone is different and have their own way of making things work, or not.


" I knew if I made bad choices I’d have to record it and its calories :wink: ."
Not worked out quotes yet @tanks but…

That’s the difference between yourself and those that are struggling with this issue. Hiding things and denial gives a sense of ability when dealing with something because that is the they image they want to portray…

I would love to be able to have that ability, I would love to not feel week and feel the need to lie, because I cant fight the temptation.

Well done sir!

Guess that’s something and myself and (at least) @Lawdog need to work on, I admire your strong will power and conviction.


Just take it one day at a time, small victories add up to winning the battle. Also, if one slips one day, and we all do, then there is the next day to keep going. It is a challenge, as they say “the only easy day was yesterday” ;).


I can relate to this behaviour, I secretly eat, mainly in the car and then dispose of the evidence so my wife doesn’t find the evidence. I think its a control thing. One thing I have noticed that I often do things like this when I haven’t drunk a lot that day, sometimes i think i mistake dehydration for hunger. I have just joined a 30 day challenge group and this is one of the behaviours that I will have to be honest about in my posts.


I have to wonder if you’d eaten what you wanted in front of people in the first place would you have felt the need to then sneak off & have more? It seems you are going without in front of people to give the image of a healthy eater but to others but not satisfying yourself. The worry I imagine, 'cos I’ve been there, is in your own mind if people see you eating this stuff during the meal then they’re going to be thinking “no wonder he’s that size” etc etc. Trouble is what your doing is in addition to the meal whereas if it were part of the meal then sure your calorie intake is going to be higher for that meal but without snacks/ closet eating in between your daily intake is actually going to be less.

I agree with those who have suggested a fitness/ calorie tracker. It can be quite revealing & have you make different choices without feeling you are going without or dieting.


I would also say that, and especially as the OP decided to post this, that a short term high is seriously outweighed by a long term low.


This is certainly true in theory, but when I am face to face with pizza, cake, chips and other junk, the short term high feels awfully nice. I need more discipline during those private battles.


It’s almost a year since you first posted about your “sneaky” eating and I wonder whether you think you have been able to cut it down. I have a friend who is a “secret eater” at times and I know it causes him embarrassment on the occasions he gets found out (e.g. where’s the rest of that victoria sponge?). At his last place of work he was known as “The Cake Monster” with good reason. Has any of the advice here been useful to you? If so, which bits do you think would be of most use to him?


It has gotten worse, not better over the last year. I even spoke with a counselor about my eating issues. It was completely futile. She had no real actionable advice. I am really struggling with this secret eating and lying to myself and others about the food I am eating.


Have you thought about trying to remove those things from the house, that way the temptation is not there. A simple tactic but if not readily available chance of consuming them would be inherently lower. I too am a closet eater but try to limit it to healthier snacks, but there is the occasional slip.