I am new here



Hi all i am new here. Hope you are all well. Games are every thursday? How do i get on to a team? Many thanks Raphael


Hello @r.desilva - Thanks for getting in touch!

You just need to make sure you have registered yourself to the Salford League on their website - https://www.manvfatfootball.org/salford

Once that has been done and paid for, your coach Stu can then call you up to offer you a place on a team.


I have alteady signed up to yhe salford league and made a payment


Hi @r.desilva - I have sent you an email to you and your coach as you have been assigned to a team for this Thursday’s session at Salford.


I’m new here too and just trying to get my head round all of this
Feel quite emotional having made the first move and now not sure what to do.
My name is Paul and I just want to lose weight and get out of this ever repeating rut


Hello @Stavros - Have you joined in the Salford League, or the forum as a whole, just wondering so I know what we can do next :slight_smile:


Hi @Stavros are you a member at Salford? I play for Beercalona (yellows) who you playing for?
It’s a massive step to take, well done.
I remember my first game, I was a nervous wreck putting on a pair of boots for the first time in over 20 years, when I took to the pitch I ‘ran’ for 5 yards and my legs gave way. Was going to give up after that, but then the team shock my hand, told me well done, and said ‘see you next week’! Best decision I ever made for myself.