I just love the headlines!

Holy shuddering funbags that Frank McAvennie is a crashing idiot. I get that he’s supposed to be a proto-Clarkson type but there’s a fine line to being that irritant who “says what we’re all thinking” and often that begins with at least arguing from a defensible position. This is Frank’s take on how to solve the obesity crisis:

It’s quite straightforward, eat what you want as long as you exercise to burn it off. Take the dog for a walk after dinner or even a romantic stroll in the park. Active people aren’t fat. It’s that simple.

Just googled him and seen that he was a footballer. A Jock’s jock. He’s clearly thick as a plank, I wonder who types his columns for him.


I don’t think anyone does. I have joked from some time that there is a piece of software out there called “Microsoft MovieScript”. You simply plug in the filters for genre, location, length, budget etc and it churns out a suitable script.

I think the same must be true for tabloid newspaper columns. However this software is fully automated. It searches the internet, news sites, social media etc and decides on a subject then churns out stuff like this, publishes it and sends a payment to the “columnist”. The filters are always set on fully provocative, unsubstantiated opinion whilst the fact filter is turned off.


Ha! It’s true. We must be getting old because I thought the same thing whilst watching a film the other night!

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