I need portable recipies

Hello all,

I’m on the road during my breakfast and dinner times. 90% of the time, I don’t have time to sit down and eat a proper meal during these times.

So I wanted know if anyone had any good recipes for eating one handed meals. Meals you can eat while driving.

This week I have been most eating crumpets for breakfast as they’re portable.

Intermittent fasting

Protein bar + fruit for lunch & snacks.

Massive meal in the evening with remaining calories

Go to bed feeling awsome & full, whilst still being in a deficit & losing weight

= win! :slight_smile: lol


I’m in a similar position but pretty much gave up eating in the car and certainly gave up eating whilst driving. I think its important to appreciate the calories you have when you get so few of them. Hard to do whilst driving.

That said the following are very portable.

  • Protein bars - Generally have a few of these in the car.
  • Protein shakes - Ready made very portable but generally not as nice as the mixing ones.
  • Bircher/Overnight oats - search on here and google for recepies. Makes a good breakfast that I have most days. Portable but you will need to pull over and eat it with a spoon.

I’ve actually given up on trying to pack a lunch into a tupperware box and keep it in the car for 5 hours. The contents ussually look so sad that they make me feel like going to buy a sandwich. As @maxnas suggests better to save the calories for when you can appreciate them.

I agree with the ‘find a way to eat when not in the car’ sentiment if that’s possible. After reading this thread, I tried hard to think of healthy (and safe) car friendly food and came up with very little.

Slightly off topic, but I drive 100 miles / day and got myself into the habit of buying a minimum of 2 packs of mini cheddars (and sometimes other stuff too) when filling up with fuel. Clearing out the junk from the car typically involved a covert operation to sneak all the evidence into the bin. No idea who I thought I was kidding - I must have added 800-1000 calories every time I filled up. These days, the car is littered with empty water bottles instead !

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