I need to stop secret eating


Hi, new to this so sorry if there has already been something posted about this. I am really struggling to lose weight, and have done for a number of years. My problem has always been what I eat when I am on my own. I secret eat sooooo much. I would estimate around 700 - 1000 calories are day are eaten without anyone knowing. A lot of this is when I am in my car, I travel around 3 hours a day for work and cant pass a service station / fill up at the petrol station / nip to the supermarket without picking up an unhealthy snack / meal!
I have struggled with this for as long as I remember and have never been able to overcome this. I am relativity fit and active so I am 100% confident that if I can stop the secret eating, the weight will fall off. Has anyone else had this problem and what advice can you give for stopping?


Start by logging all food and liquid that you consume in a food database like Fitbit or MyFitnessPal. Commit to this for at least a week to start with.

What gets measured, gets managed :+1:


A familiar story. Steve’s advice above is probably the number one tip. If you log accurately you’ll be amazed how many calories you are consuming - Years ago I had a taste for Ginsters sausage rolls as most petrol stations sold them. Once I educated myself, I discovered that, at 600 calories, that was a large proportion of my daily calorie allowance - add in a packet of crisps and a prepacked sandwich and you are way past half in one shot.

I know of a couple of people who only use ‘pay at the pump’ pumps to fill up now to avoid the temptations you describe.

Secret eating also used to be a problem for me. I used to snack on the way home and then eat a ‘normal’ dinner so the family wouldn’t know I’d bought something out. I worked out that a lot of it was habitual and I wasn’t actually hungry, so that was another thing that needed sorting.

The other thing is to plan your day and take snacks with you - fruit, boiled eggs, whatever your thing is. If you aren’t into that sort of thing, there are lots of packets of crisps that come in under 100 calories - Wotsits, Quavers, Skips and Frazzles for example and some, like Space Raiders that are only 55 calories a pop. Handy if you get the munchies on the go.