Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Men over 50

There is a considerable amount of information online these days concerning what constitutes a healthy body fat percentage. Much of it seems to be geared for people under 40 (the magic age). I realise there is a bit of variation due to sex, age and body type (mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph), but I don’t often see all three of these variables taken into account in the various tables available online.

Most fitness trainers I speak to rate 8-10% body fat the ideal for men, but a highly unrealistic goal for most men - or at least for them to sustain. They say 12% is far more realistic. However, older men over 40 will find 12% nearly possible to sustain over any length of time. I’ve read that men over 40 should shoot more for 14% as their ideal, but they should keep in mind that only 1 in 10 men can maintain that figure for an extended period. Most men over 40, I’m told should be happy with anywhere from 15-19% body fat.

As the ol’ story goes, anybody with a little bit of discipline and determination can cut down to a single digit body fat percentage. However, sustaining that low level for any period of time is virtually impossible for many men, especially if they’re over 40.

Do these figures sound right to you guys? Thanks!

The NHS suggests sub 20 as healthy. I think that’s sustainable through diet alone which long term is more realistic. But as many say it’s down to what you think is achievable and that could be more or less than that figure.

I’m 34 and aiming for 15, but as I was at 32% at Christmas that seems pretty good to me!

I had posted this chart in other threads. Here you go.Needed fat percentage goes up as one gets older. It is very achievable, I am at 16.5% now, at age 59.

I am 56 with a 13% body fat. It is all about diet. I also workout 7 days a week

Hi guys. I am 47. Since 4 years ago I was on 220 lbs, they were hard years, I stumbled just by remembering it XD. But through years I realized that everything and each effort begins at the very first time in our minds.
So don’t be afraid to start to do what you have to do!!!