Ideal Weight

I know there are so many variables and there are charts on the internet etc…but I was just wondering what your opinions would be due to real experience.
I am 43 years old, 183cm and have come down from 125kg to 92.9kg. I am getting the message off people…(yes, this old chestnut) “You don’t need to lose anymore weight. Yes, I have seen it mentioned before on this site.
I feel that I do. Yes, I am healthier, I am happier and I can get back into my 36” waist Levi’s. But I still want to go on. I have three stages to look at myself -
90kg, 88kg and then maybe 85kg. I know it is not just weight, that’s why I will be looking at myself and not just the scales.
I just want to know what you guys think or have experienced.


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This is one of those… there’s no one size fits all situations. Sorry this doesn’t help :confused:

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It does help. Everything helps. We are all different I know, and muscle vs fat plays a big part.

Feel comfortable and healthy. That is waht is important. I know I will never get down to what the charts tell me, I always feel quite good around 14 stone so I would be happy at that. Its your opinion that matters so lose weight to suit yourself, not how others view you.

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This is an interesting one. From what I can tell the BMI figures work for most people. I.e. Getting below a BMI if 25. Whilst this isn’t the case for body builders rugby players etc who have a lot of lean muscle mass, it works for most of us.

I’m still 60lbs overweight but get comments like “you don’t need to loose much more”. I know I can’t rely on other people’s visual assessment as they are biased. Knowing me as a fat person they will see me as being thinner than I am. There are also complex physiological reasons why they don’t actually want me to be thin.

I’ve set my goal at a BMI of <25. If I can stop earlier because I discover I have lean muscle and low body fat I will. But I’m pretty sure I won’t.

That said if I get to. BMI of <28 I’ll stop worrying about the health effects on of obesity, the motivation will be more about aesthetics and physical ability.


Throw the numbers & stats out of the window…

I’d say

1, when you feel comfortable shirtless in public

2, when your weight is no longer a cause of early death nor inhibits you from doing things you enjoy


I can’t comprehend this ever being the case for me. Also judging by some people’s apparent comfort at being shirtless I do wonder whether this good advice :grinning:


Lets change it to ‘either’ one of these… whichever one is the best fit your you lol :slight_smile:


Bingo! What ever weight that turns out to be, I don’t care so much. Pot belly gone and some decent guns and I’ll be a happy pup.

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It’s really not about weight at all, it’s about FAT. So there shouldn’t be a weight goal, but a body fat % goal and general health. The problem with that is, weight is so much easier to measure. I’ve known people who are at a healthy weight who aren’t healthy, and people who are at a supposedly unhealthy weight who are very healthy.

So for reference, here are the healthy body fat percentages:

I’d like to be in the “Lean/Ideal” category, so at age 52, that means somewhere between 14 and 23%. I’m currently sitting at around 19%, but I know I can go a bit lower.

Here’s a more graphic illustration:

I fully agree

Under 15% & you’ll look good shirtless,

under 20% & your weight won’t cause health issues

Thanks all,
I need to find somewhere that I can go to get my body fat percentage measured.
I THINK I am at 25-29%.

Fat calipers aren’t too far off. You can get some for cheap on Amazon and use a site like to estimate. I do that weekly, plus use a product called the Skulpt Chisel. They track within a couple percent. If you just start tracking, then you’ll know if you’re headed in the right direction, even if the actual numbers aren’t exact.