If I can do it then anyone can


Who loves a celebration.

Never thought I’d write one of these. Took a pic yesterday and thought wtf let’s get it on a website.
This is me 2 years ago not long after I joined mvf. 2 years and 50lb down as of yesterday. 6 months I decided enough was enough.
We set up first the Xmas challenge and then a pancake day challenge and now Easter challenge. And it’s got a lot of guys who don’t do groups involved.
I now weigh 268lb having thought how would I even get the weight off. Few kicks in the arse here and harsh words and now look at us.
Long way to go but now I feel it’s achievable.
What I’m saying is if I can do it then anyone can and these are never truer words.


Yesssssssss!!! Love you, @greenbollocks!


Good going mate and a good motivator for those of us at the upper end of the scale that change takes time but is worth sticking at


I’ve yo-yoed quite a bit like many from
My highest of 322 a few years back to 315 in August and thankfully it’s been going down since then. Been under 300 for the longest I remember and hopefully it’s well in the past.


Well done Irish . Keep working on removing that Bullnose verandah off of the tool shed :wink: .
I’m pretty much parallel with you weight wise so lets see if we can be 220lbs by Christmas hey ?


Still an ugly cxnt though. :wink::kissing_heart:


Nice 1 pal i can see how confident it makes u feel n achievement … winning!!


Great work mate, the challenge groups have been a huge help for me and I hope to be getting down to your weight soon!


Amazing mate!