If you do a PARK RUN , please read


Hi, in an attempt to raise the MANVFAT profile, I have set up 2 new clubs on the Park Run website.

MAN v FAT Football
MAN v FAT Runners

If you do the runs, and aren’t attached to any club as yet, please update your profile selecting the one most appropriate to you.


Running weight loss

Added my self to the Man V Fat Runners. Good idea.


Can’t find it

Do you have a link for the runners one?


On your profile, just under date of birth,

The drop down for “Running Club (Optional)”. It has been set up as MAN (space) v (space) FAT


all done thank you.

so will our results feed in somewhere each week when we run?


I’d hope so…will try to find out.
My email is the contact so I can adjust my time (knock of the hour) when I have a go :innocent:


I will try again at work on a pc, couldn’t get down to the save button to update profile using my tablet😥


You can click on the club name and view the results for that week. For example: http://www.parkrun.com/results/consolidatedclub/?clubNum=26929&eventdate=2018-03-17


excellent all done


Ran today and trying to look to see if there were any others doing a park run.
What’s the path to see how everyone else has done


Hi Alan,
How you doing?
Big week ahead for LFC !

Park run no.2 for me today.
Cassiobury Park, Watford

34:48, 5 mins quicker than my previous

Could hardly walk when I got out of the car. An hours drive home was not the best thing for my legs.
I’m in the Manvfat Football club, so if I do a run I’ll post my time here


I’m good @phippsy62 Massive week for us. Need a nice result today and get a bit more rest

I ran today in 25.27
New PB for me
It was our 1 year birthday so there were loads of runners there.


congratulations both of you, sadly i have dipped out again calf problem seems to have gone to be replaced with ankle tendon issue after last tuesday football. stiil 2 weeks in Cyprus resting it should cure it. Hope to be back running the Torbay parkrun 4 weeks today starting to withdrawal symptoms. Have a good weekend and well done


http://www.parkrun.com/results/consolidatedclub/?clubNum=26929 is the link to the Man V Fat runners group. The group pages on the Park Run web site are pretty awful though and it usually takes a few days to see the previous weekend’s runs.

@phippsy62 is there a reason you went for 2 different groups? Just wondered of it’s confusing the issue.


MAN vFAT Football was set up specifically for the Park Run that the Borehamwood League are doing in June, with the hope that in the future we could have multiple leagues all running local park runs on the same day. Then I thought about the RED lads on the forum and set up the Runners too


It’s a shame that you can only affiliate with one club on Parkrun


is there a way we can put a spreadsheet together on this page to see how we are all doing ?


Going to keep this thread going to post times.

Merthyr Park Run today

24.54 New PB


Another park run done

Next week I’m doing a duathlon
5k run, 5k cycle, 5k run


Griffeen park run, Dublin
37.48 PB
Have dropped 49 seconds off my time in 4 weeks