Im back

I was on here ages ago trying to loose weight but if im honest I had no real goals or targets

but now I HAVE to loose weight , I am 5ft8 and 18st I am a scuba instructor and now have been told to loose weight or ill fail my medical

so I have had a operation on my colon and am intolerant to all veg and fruit except peeled apples and potatoes . so if I eat them they will pass through not digested and ill end up in pain .

my medical is in may and I need to get down to a Bmi of under 34.9 or at lease very close then they will offer me a 4 month review but pass me

I have for a Fitbit and according to this im using about 3,200 calories a day this includes sleeping and so on
I have a running machine and am doing 3k a day at 3.5 mph
my stepometer thing says usually 14,000 steps a day . I am eating about 2,200 calories a day but nothing seems to be moving very fast
im loosing under 1lb a week .
im very reluctant to drop my calorie intake as I won’t have any space to drop it further when needed
im 46 and a industrial sparky so on my feet a lot
I really don’t want start meal supplementing for shakes or taking any diet pills
can anyone please assist me
I have to stick to this or I risk loosing my instructor rating
thanks so much and sorry to go on a bit but the more info I tell you in hoping the better help you may be able to offer me
thanks ]

Any advice would be appreciated please

Hi mate, for the time being just completely FORGET all those calorie estimations (that’s all they are, and fitbits are known to be terrible at esimating output).

Also keep in mind that us humans (even us fitness professionals) tend to underestimate our calorie intake by around 30-50% & over estimate our activity by aroud 50%.

Keep a solid record of what’s going in, be consistent with your exercise activty (is you’re all over the place it’s impoasible to define your needs as they’re constantly changing)

Then based on your intake and bodyweight changes (or lack of) you can then see if you need to make any adjustments or not.

EG: If you’re eating 2200 & losing 0.5kg/1lb per week, that means you’re in a 500 calorie daily deficit (on average)

If the results are half of that, it means you’re in a 250 daily deficit,

If the results we’re double that, it means you’re in a 1000 daily deficit

Hope that makes sense?

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I am weighing food and logging calorie intake in my diary , weighing myself daily after waking up and after toilet . I agree that Fitbit are not accurate but I am using it just as a guide so even if they over calculate by 30% I should still be losing more than I am .
is there a better tracker that would give me more accurate readings ?

Forget the trackers mate, they’re just estimations, it’s the results that will give you the answers, so best to make any adjustments based on results (of about 2-4 weeks)

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thanks for the reply
so I must have something very wrong somewhere or my BMR is asleep
I am deff eating 2k a day with in 50 calories each way as my food is measured including milk in coffee

im drinking 2l of water minimum a day
and running 2-3k on the running machine
something has to be a miss here for me not to be loosing 2lb a week

It sounds like your ‘expecting’ your mainenance calories to be 3000 per day? But what’s that based off mate, a calculation/estimate? The results seem to indicate differently. It’s the estimation that seems to be off here mate. You have actual real world data now mate, so defo use that instead of guesswork .

I was using a online calculator that said my maintained calorie was 3k.
If it’s a lot lower then I’m going to find it a lot harder as if I’m eating 2000 and only loosing 1lb this equates to my daily usage being only 2500 . So surely this means I’ve got to be under 1500 a day to loose 2lb. This does not allow me any wriggle room does it ?
Do my figures above sound right please.
Thank you for your replies

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Forget the calculations and figures etc mate, the only REAL way to tell is by results… if you’re losing weight at a healthy rate, great!

If not, you’d either need to drop a bit further or take a diet break for a few weeks to let your metabolism get back to a healthy rate.

I think maybe you’re expectations are slightly skewed mate, 1lb per week consistently is fantastic!

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