I'm the new boy in class


Hi guys, I’m here to look for a little motivation and support from like minded fellas. I’m fast approaching 40 and quite simply, don’t want to die young. My old man passed away at 56 and working out the maths, when I’m 56 my oldest will be the same age as I was when he died. I don’t want that for my girls. I’ve been going to the gym for a while now and while I’ve seen results, my eating habits are still fairly poor. I’ve genuinely tried, but X amount of years of poor eating is hard to change. I need help.


Welcome! You’re in the right place for support I joined a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a great help for me so far!



Get your ass on here. Plenty of guys. And also the groups


Thanks guys. I’m absolutely loving the gym, but there’s not too many ‘husky’ guys in mine and it can be pretty lonely and at times unmotivating when you got guys and girls in there just going through the motions as they’re trying to shed the guilt of a weekends drinking lol


Gotta get the consumption bit right…to bore @Greenballs yet again with the mantra - ‘You can’t out train a poor diet”

Bon chance @ASClark


100% this ^^^


Tell us a bit about your eating habits mate?

What do you struggle with?

What are the main 1 or 2 things that you think need to be address first?

What’s the easists thing you could start doing that would make a big difference?


Unfortunately I’m a bit of a grazer, though irritatingly, not all the time, so I at time feel I really have a handle on my eating and then I’ll notice a few days later I’ve slipped for almost the whole day. Also my portion control at times is non existent. At the risk of you guys breaking out the violins, I suffer with depression and anxiety and at times when I get low it become a 'fk it all’ attitude and the takeaway is at the door in under an hour. I don’t drink or smoke and I’m fairly active (Fitbit says I’m highly active) so I fully know that it’s the st I put in my face that makes me look and feel this way.


Proud of myself! Hit the gym again this morning and managed a 5k run before attacking the weights and finishing off with more cardio.
Just off out with the hound. Feeling positive right now.


Hi mate. Everyone is different. Find out what works for you. 2 years ago weighing 29 stone I decided to lose weight. In twelve months I had lost 12 stone. It wasn’t rocket science just ate fresh food. I was strict with what I ate and was losing 5lb per week. It’s surprising how motivating it is to see the weight dissapearing and how easy it was to eat well when you can see the results. I had 3 holidays throughout the year 1 when we had 2 weeks in Florida and a week on a cruise and ate and drank everything but got back on it as soon as I got back and lost most of the weight I’d put on within a week. It’s a lifestyle choice that has to be for the rest of my life and I now eat well. You can do it. I’m lucky my wife made the change too and that made it easier as I don’t think I’d have done it on my own. Try a week of being strict and saying no to things and see how much you lose. If someone had told me in a year you can lose 12 stone I’d have done it years ago. I only came to man v fat 3 months ago for motivation to lose last couple of stone but a lot of the lads are doing really well so keep it up and enjoy it. Sorry for the essay. Good luck.


Please, don’t take any offence!! I only want to lose maybe 3 or 4 stone at most, so to read your 12 stone journey is utterly remarkable and so very inspiring. Whatever it was that gave you that commitment should be bottled and marketed, you’d never have to work again! Truly remarkable. I could happily read ‘essays’ like that all day if they’re as inspirational as yours. Even if you are a United fan! I look forward to the day I can write something even close to your success story .