In the beginning


Have been here so many times before as I am sure many of you have been . Striking out on that path of weight loss, again .
I have a good incentive this time round as we are travelling over to Europe and the UK on the 1st of June. ( I live in Melbourne Australia ).
I can’t remember being anywhere near 110kgs, as for decades I have been over 120kgs topping out at 140kg.
I’m at 123kg as of yesterday .
So the goal is to be at 110kg by the 1st of June . I am trying to replicate what @Darren_Welch achieved last year and lose 15 kg in 12 weeks . I have exactly 12 weeks and 3 days before we step on that plane and head to your end of the world.
It is a double edged endeavour as this kick start to 110kg will then go on to get me under the ton by Christmas 2019.
Being 52 I am trying to be careful to not go out too hard exercise wise but in saying that I don’t want to use that as an excuse for not pushing it a bit also. Guessing a fine line between both should see results and limit injury . Good weather here for the next few months so great to be outside and cycling etc .
The food issue ! Well I’m handy on the fang as most of us here are I guess . Trying to strike a balance between calorie counting but also eating cleaner less carb rich and processed foods. .

What I’m not sure of is how hard to you have to go and how do you fuel that to get a loss of just over a kilo a week ?
I’m not sure about how many calories to put in . Some food trackers say close to 2000 for my age height (190cm) but that seems way too much . I think somewhere around 1200-1500 may be better but closer to 1000 to 1200 to get this weight off pronto. Water intake say 3 laters a day .
Anyway looking forward to logging in how it goes and getting the good oil from those of you have have been here before .
Cheers All .


Just off out to collect my daughter, but will have a proper read later. The 15kg in 12 weeks is what has caught my attention. I’ll join you in that!


I am 183 cm, 44 years old and 99.2kg today. Circa 3000 cals would keep me at this weight, 2000 would have me at about 2lbs a week off. I would not be looking at 1200-1500 cals a day as a gent of your size mate. Though, I am far from any kind of expert and am happy to be corrected if I am wrong. @maxnas, what do you think? I took my figures from your guidelines (if I calculated correctly).


Those calorie figures look way too low, I’ve lost 12.9kg in 9 weeks since the start of the year. My advice is find a TDEE calculator online, work out how much you are burning based on your size and exercise to maintain and subtract 1000 to 1200, then stick to that. Cutting down further than that will make it impossible to stick to and you’ll end up back where you started.


How much of the fitness apps do you rely on for calories. Not the exercise as such. Fitbit for example does the calculation for you and fitness pal to an extent.

@ANT and @StevenHaley this is up and running

10lb by Easter challenge week 1


Hi @JPLANT , I took a look at that and it suggested 3000 so subtracting 1000-1200 would be 1800 -2000 . Mmmmmm i’m more inclined to hit out at 1500 . Just trying to get into eating large quantities of salad stuff . But really thats unsustainable in the long run ( I dont have large ears and deliver easter eggs ) . Maybe a bit of intermittent fasting might be the go .


Mine said 3300. I have my fitness pal amended to 1700. Then I feel I usually struggle to hit this sometimes.


I’d be starting at close to the 2000 for a least 2 weeks, trouble with going in as low as 1500 when your looking at 12 weeks is that there’s hardly any room to drop any more calories should you plateau

The general idea seems to be to have as many calories as you can as long as you keep hitting your goals then adjust as things change.

I’m 95kg today and dropping about 0.5-1kg a week on 3500cals a day at the minute, it’s all a bit of an experiment on yourself really as to begin with as I was gaining weight at 2500.

So with all that said my real advice would be just track what your doing now for a week, you’d be amazed how much of a difference just writing down everything you eat before you put it in your mouth makes to your choices. This would give you at least some sort of base figure to work from.


Hey @JPLANT great work in losing the 12.9kg ( i see you talk metric as we do down under ) . Apart from your calorie target what have you done exercise wise to achieve that loss ?


Down the loseit app and start tracking food. If you set it up to lose a kg a week & stick to the figures (by staying under them, you will lose more than a kg a week.)


I think I’ll stick with the groups. Will struggle with too many things going on at once.


Thanks buddy, the calorie target is the main thing, exercise only has a small impact relative to nutrition. In terms of what exercise I do I go to the gym 3-5 times a week doing a combination of compound weights exercises and HIIT training. It makes me feel good and has gor me fitter/stronger. Its also been good for motivation as even if the scales dont change for a week I can still see improvements in the gym.