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I have just signed up through this website and opted for Astro Kings in Nottingham as Friday is the only day i could do.

I apparently been put on a waiting list so I wanted to know what the next move is, Do i wait, Do i come down, Do i still have the money coming out my account.

Any Help would be appreciated

Thank you


Hi Adam,

I’m in the same boat as you. I signed up last week with Nottingham and haven’t heard anything. I’ve had £9.99 come out of my bank last week but not heard anything from manvfat since I signed up.

I went along a week ago to the weigh-in & football to see what its all about, and it looks really good. I’m looking to start playing footy in the January league, so maybe thats why we haven’t heard anything yet.




Thanks for getting back

This is what I’m worried about, applying and not hearing anything after.

So you went to the weigh in and football? We’re they expecting you?

I don’t really want to wait to even make an appearance if you not what I mean.


Hello @adamrankin and @Kevjackson1

With any league that’s up and running, you will go into a waiting list as the coach needs to assign you into a team that has a space available. Our coaches check their teams and waiting lists every week, and then allocate players accordingly. Keep your phone ready as you’ll get a call from Steven, who is the coach there. He’ll confirm when you can start, what team you are in, and what happens next.

As Nottingham’s a busy league, it may not be an instant allocation, but the coaches do their best to get players involved ASAP.



Thank you this is a lot more reassuring as there was not much information after signing up.

I will look forward to the call from Steven

Thanks again


Great, thanks for that. I’ll await the call from Steven.




Hi Adam,

I spoke to Steve, and agreed to visit one Friday. All the guys i met were really helpful, and the football looked great. Everyone was really positive. I can’t wait to get the call now!!

Hope to see you one Friday night soon!



Hi Kev

I’ve spoken to Ryan James, head coach of the league in Nottingham but not heard from Steven yet

I do what to come down to have a look, when are you thinking of going down



Hay Kev

Sorry I did receive an email from Steve, was in my other email box

I’m going to pop down this Friday to have a look.

Let me no is you are thinking the same.



HI Adam

I’ve been down - i went a couple of weeks ago, and was very impressed. Hope you think the same. I won’t be able to go again until after Christmas as I’m away.


Nottingham’s current season (four) finishes on Friday 14 December. Registration for season five is on 4 January I’d expect there’ll be lots of spaces on teams then. Meanwhile there’ll be friendly/bring a friend weeks on 21st and 28th December you can come down and try it out then. alternately the lads in the league organise 10 a side kickabouts on Mondays and Wednesdays at Astrokings. We can ususally fit in a few extra players outside of current league players.


Hi thanks for the reply, I will be coming down on the 21st but fridays are the only days I go so as I work nights Saturday to Wednesday,