Info or plans on next season? Plymouth is running out of players



Hi, i was going to ask this on the AQA for myself and others however, 20 mins in and I’m still the only one on it, which is also an indication of how our league may end up here in Plymouth!

Over the past few weeks, teams have lost players (for lot of reasons, not seeing results/benefits of the league, to moving away, redundancies, injuries etc) and with the new season in a fortnight, we’re unsure of how many people there will actually be! Our team has 8 players, all of whom turn up almost every week, however that’s not indicative of the league, there are other teams down as little as 3 registered players.

Last week the coach mentioned that as far as he was aware, there was nobody on the waiting list… previously it had been mentioned that there would be advertising and promotion of the league, can anyone confirm if this is happening? I, and some others, have actively looked for it across social media and found nothing, we’ve not seen anything like posters on notice boards in any gyms/pubs/dr waiting rooms etc.

Can anyone confirm what, if anything is being done to boost number for next season, and is there a minimum number of people registered needed to run a league once it up and running? We’d have to do a count but appears to be down to probably about 40 players in total, seems a shame after one season of making new friends, building squad relationship and improving on the pitch and scales for it to slowly be left to disolve, unless of course we are missing the targeted ads on facebook etc!?

Any advice/info would be appreciated. Thanks



I know MvF can send out posters for you guys to put in your local gyms, etc.
The best advert are the people using it.


GP surgeries are a good place too. You be surprised how many nurses jump on the bandwagon if they get to offer an alternative idea for helping with weightloss.


Hi Kev, hopefully you’ve seen some movement on this over the last week or so. The central team have put the Facebook post out and I’ve put it in your main players group to be shared and the press release I sent out went to all the local papers and radio stations and the BBC have picked up on it brilliantly with today’s radio pieces and Spotlight coming down this evening.
I’ll have a word with Chris to get some flyers down there if he hasn’t got any and see if any of the guys mind using their local knowledge up help distribute them.


Me and my Brother in law will join next week… We only saw the advert today in the Herald, and could organise things for tonight.
No team with us, just a couple of below average players!


Hi I saw the post on the news tonight. I’m interested but couldn’t make it down tonight. Is there another “taster session” at any point or do I need to just sign up now?


Definitely Smithr82! The coverage you’ve managed to get across the local news on bbc1 tonight, the couple fo radio interviews, Plymouth daily news… well done guys!

Good to see some new faces this evening at very short notice from what they saw on tv, hope they enjoyed it. See from on here and from Whatapp theres some new sign ups for next week as well. Looks like it’ll be a strong season starting next week at registration.

I’ll post some of those links below for anyone to watch if they’re interested!


BBC News Spotlight Segment - starts at 18:54

BBC Radio interview with MVF player - starts at 2hr 20min 28sec

BBC Radio interview with our Coach, Chris - starts at 19min


Just head to the league homepage to sign up and the league coach Chris will assign you to a team in time for next Monday’s registration session…


Thanks for passing the links mate hey helpful… mainly cos I’m a technical idiot :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Hi @Mike_Weaver. Monday night was the only taster session I’m afraid but you’re more than welcome to sign up for the league via our homepage at
The registration session takes place next Monday at 8pm


I offered to have stickers put on my taxi to advertise this but was completely ignored by all! Would of been a great way to advertise!


Sorry mate, I may well have missed your offer but we don’t do stickers at the minute. Chris was going to order some flyers though so any help with those would be appreciated.