Injury struggles and motivation

Morning all,

Just a quick post to find out how people coped through injuries in terms of weight loss.

I’m finally over the worst of an ankle injury sustained on week 2 of the season. We’re now in week 9 and I’ve managed to play a bit part in the last two games following rolling my ankle .

After having to wear slippers for a week to work due to the swelling, it seems to be back in shape.

Question to you all was how people got on for weightloss during a lay off. Over the 5 weeks I didn’t play I gained a KG which isn’t bad at all, however lost motivation as I could’t play. I still turned up , got weighed and provided coaching to the team in a manager style capacity but it was hard.

How did you manage to push yourself and keep on track.

Since playing last monday and yesterday I’ve managed to shift 2Kg so it’s going well. Now up to 7.5kg lost in 9 weeks and just under 3kg to go to my 10%.

Weights in gym? Many exercises are more effective and efficient if done in seated position.

I broke my ribs in both season 1 & season 2. Didn’t stop me pedalling on an exercise bike.
I lost weight every week that I couldn’t play football.

Well no, rib injurys wouldn’t stop you cycling so that’s understandable.

Huge swelling and discomfort in ankle however would. Also, the period also involved two stag dos, a trip to the world cup and copious amounts of booze. Tricky period.

Weights is a good shout @Zero4 . Been looking into new gym memberships.

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one of my team members uses the gym by ASDA in shirley

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Nice, one, ye that’s within a 20 minute walk from me but not heard the best reviews.

At the moment , MvF mondays, badminton Weds and training thursday will do. Seems to be working.

fast walk down to earlswood lakes tonight and back to the hotel for me, normally a run around foreshaw heath area, quad skating around goodrington velopark tomorrow night on the way home just have time to get 9-10K as long as m5 traffic is ok.

My point is you use what you are capable of using.

@Morany - you don’t HAVE to exercise to keep your goals in sight, can you not temporarily pull back on calories whilst you take proper time out for repair and rehab?? If your limbs are totally f@cked it might be an idea just to sit out for a while??

Maintaining consistent weight loss through injury is tough but very doable. Firstly, from my own personal experience - I set my stall out that I wouldn’t gain weight or use it as an excuse to let the diet slip for the remainder of the season (ruptured Achilles in week 6). Life goes on as they say but like anything, if you really want to do it - you will.
You still have to maintain a defecit of calories so if you aren’t exercising as you were then the calorie intake needs to reduce further or find alternative upper body exercise like long sets off press ups with short interval breaks to get the vascular system going.

Post in your chat about what you WILL achieve this week, not what u’d LIKE to. That added bit off pressure really focuses the mind if your motivation is wavering.

Good luck and well done so far.

Cant add much to what @Bhgriffiths says, seeing him jump on the scales week after week after hobbling in on crutches is all you need.

Ive had lots of injuries over the 8 seasons, broken rib, torn calf, and many tweaked muscles. It’s never stopped me losing weight because my motivation wasn’t linked to the football itself. The exercise might help your mentality but it’s not actually that helpful for weight loss. 80% diet 20% exercise.

As long as you remember why you’re doing it you’ll be fine mate :+1:

Decent advise there fellers, ta.

I’d say my diet is pretty bang on at the minute and I’m routinely sticking to 1500-1600 calories. Not struggling or finding myself hungry so that was fine.

I guess the real struggle came from a stag do and a world cup trip.

Hopefully I don’t get any more further injuries moving forwards and don’t come across the motivational issues. For me being out of the side did affect my motivation. Very easy to say it shouldn’t, but it did.

All in all, first season in and i’m 7.6kg /7.5% down which I’m more than happy with. My own personal goal before starting out is only 11lb away and firmly in sight.