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Hey guys,

I offer a lot of support to the guys on my team and it feels pretty great to help them. I figured why not do that on a larger scale?

I’m a strength and conditioning coach, injury rehab consultant and sport scientist. I’m also a certified food addict, which is kind of the reason I’m a member of MvF.

I do, however, know my shit. So feel free to ask away and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Ask a PT & Nutritionist Anything

Awsome, I get asked stuff like this all the time mate, but unless it’s a generic ‘rest & recover’ type situation & more specific, it’s out of my remit (I’m a personal trainer & sport/exercise nutritionist, but focus solely on weight-loss), will direct any injury/rehab questions your way :slight_smile:


Awesome. I’m one of your players as well so since we will see each other every week it works well to bounce ideas and experiences off one another to help as many recovering foodaholics as possible!


Is that Nathan?


You’re correct sir!


@Orangethunder … here’s one for you:

I’m on fourth group MvF. For first three, having got head in right place, I Wattbiked and road-cycled, Concept 2 rowed and weight-trained myselfvdownbfrom 219.2 to 194 best. This had been combined with my usual healthy eating …all I needed to do was avoid my real weakness of daily wine and visits to coffee shops for unhealthy cappacinos and cake.

I had mystery lump on groin for which GP has referred to consultant, I had an MRI scan yesterday and get results in 7/10 days…but whilst investigating, almost as an aside as it appears unrelated, I’ve been told I have hernia tongue right side. It is this fact that, since end of group 3, that has affected my confidence and I now daren’t pick up any weights. …and I won’t be until I’ve either had an operation or whatever.

In the meantime I’ve now got my head back in the right place and am in process of bouncing back… my weight went back up to 200 lbs as I wines again, and bemoaned my luck.

Re-boot occurred ten days ago since when I’ve abstained from all alcohol, this week I’ve boosted that building block to success by adding complete abstention from milky drinks and treats so, given our household eating habits are really healthy (my wife knows no different and has always trained hard), I’m on a roll once more and down to 197.4 lbs and falling.

Hernia in mind I’m:

Concept 2 rowing including cardio and HiiT.
Watt-bike cycling, cardio and HiiT.
Cross-trainer and stepper
Fast walks up short sharp hill for HiiT sessions …2 minutes hard effort, walk-down recovery

What comments or tips might you have, or would you be happy to say ‘More of the same’?

I’m really pi££ed off that I can’t/won’t weight-train because that was how I was going to finalise shape and carrying in my phone a photograph of me in my rugby-playing prime had been my motivator…it still is, but it’s lost some of it’s shine since this hernia diagnosis. Incidentally, I’ve not yet had a proper consultation nor discussion regarding the hernia as the focus has been on the mystery lump.


@Zero4 for me if you’re able to continue to be active and it doesn’t cause you any pain with your groin/hernia keep going! I love the fact you still keep it varied, a lot of the time people will just stick to one piece of activity as they know it’s safe. Until you know more about both your groin and Hernia keep doing all you can pain free. It may be worth introducing some super light weighted activity as long as it doesn’t cause pain. It could give you a chance to get back to basics and focus on movement pattern/joint health.

Ultimately though, whatever movement you can do pain-free, do it until we learn more.

Best of luck to you mate.


Cheers @Orangethunder…my issue is that of the ‘unknown’. My confidence on weights is way down as, not surprisingly, I’ve no experience with this particular condition / injury and, having not had specialist consultation specific to the extent of the tear, I’ve no idea what damage I might do.

My missus, who trains loads, is urging me to continue core exercises, but again I’m reluctant until I’ve spoken to, and had specific advice from, a knowledgeable physio… hopefully with access to the scan.


@Zero4 I’m inclined to agree with her. Very rarely will core exercises have a negative effect on a hernia. There’s some great stuff on LiveStrong about which exercises may be better for you, I would have a look around online, particularly on there.

Generally they are attributed to weakness in the abdominal muscles, and strengthening them can help or in some cases lead to recovery without the need for surgery.

Take a look at the following article and read it thoroughly. Give it a go and let me know how you feel.


I will… we’ve all the kit in our home gym added both pretty hot on this, plus pilates classes:

Flowin board
Swiss ball
Pilates bands
TRX suspension
Pilates hoop
Abs roller

Believe me, we’ve got the kit… I’ve the motivation… it’s confidence that’s been blown!


@Zero4 this is where it gets a little tough. I hate to say it but the only way you know you can do it… May just be by doing it. Get your other half in there as well with you if she knows what she is doing and if you start to feel localised pain in the herniated area then stop. You won’t know until you try it. Let me know how you get on.


It’s not pain…I get no pain from it, it’s the prospect of converting maybe small tear into full-blown hernia with bowel burst through … Thanks!


@admin How about getting this post pinned, to go along with my PT/Nutritionist thread & Tom’s Dietician thread?

Covering a lot of areas between them:

*Injury support/recovery/prevention
*Exercise & Nutrition for physique goals
*Clinical nutrition


Hi, not sur if you can help. I am playing my 3rd season I;pin the Exeter league and have lost 28kg so far. Since the end of July I have suffered from a groin injury, I have even been to a rehabilitation centre for a week with the Fire Service Charity, i ave been doing circuit training since but I still can’t play football or many other activities… going to make an appointment to see my Doc as it seems to be going on a long time, could it be anything else than a groin injury is there anything else I could do treatment wise. I do have a list of stretches to do but nothing seems to be helping.


@Tim_Slade hi Tim, sorry to hear you’re struggling with an injury.

A lot of what is understood as “tightness” can actually be weakness. As well as your usual stretching routine I want you to try and strengthen the groin muscles as well as the hip area as a whole.

Here’s an article that has a bunch of hip-centred movements for you to try

If within 3 or 4 weeks you’re seeing no improvement it may be time to head to the doctors.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Orangethunder
I’ve been doing some run/walking and, in the last few weeks I’ve started to develop a pain in left groin, along with shin pain (splints?) on right leg. Any ideas?

For info, I have a ruptured CL (Spet 07) and wear a knee brace with hinged sides to prevent lateral movement. I’m currently out run/walking for about 1.5 hours, doing just over 10k.