Inspiration Health Story 2021

Low Calorie Antioxidant Salad Healthy [Recipes by Nutritionist Harpreet Pasricha.]

Salads are one of the healthiest food options you can add to your meals. They come in super handy and are so quick and easy to whip up! This Antioxidant salad curated by Nutritionist Harpreet Pasricha is packed with seasonal fruit mango, carrots, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, sesame seeds, basil leaves and dressing of chilli flakes, lime juice and olive oil. It is nutritious and takes care of the sweet tooth too. This salad is low in sodium. It’s a good source of dietary fiber and Vitamin B6, and a very good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. The secret to a fabulous mango salad is the combination of flavors in the salad ingredients.