Interesting about group forming

Thanks to @Mikeb6228 who I stole this from:

Out of interest Mike do you have any tips for how to speed us through the process?

Classic group dynamics - but I think you need to be in the room with people to make things happen. Went on a weeks training course once where we did this and got to about section 4 after living with one another for a week.

I’ve seen the first 4 before. I’m going to have to pronounce ‘adjourning’ differently for this to work in my pedantic little mind :wink:

I think that when we first join the group here on ManvFat, we are all nervous and sometimes not ready to jump into an intensive 5 man group straight away. It may be newbies have to go through a start up session led by someone who has been there and lost that. Then they will buy into the intensive 30 day 5 man session, because they trust the other team members. For me I joined and within 24 hours was the team admin, I did ask another team Member who had been here before if I was doing the right thing, And I am lucky in that my confidence is a big as my belly!