INTERMITTENT FASTING - This Porker's Journey ...from Day One (Sat 15 December 2018)


I’ve said to a few of you fellow MvF’ers that I’d be starting an intermittent fasting regime/lifestyle once I’d finished my initial readings on the subject, and that I’d set up a post for anyone interested in following the journey. So here it is:

I’ll intersperse the journal with some of my learning and so, hopefully, keep it instructive too. I have no doubt that many have done and posted on the very same subject, so if you’ve read it all before I’ll be sorry, but just scroll on by! …the fact that I’m committing to a thread will keep THIS porker accountable and on track.

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a lifestyle, not a short-term diet. Will I stick to it?.. we’ll see, but after my initial readings, video and TedTalk viewings I believe for me it’s the way forward. Quite how I’m going to marry it in with distance road cycling I’ve not quite fathomed out, so it’s quite likely I’ll need to adapt the eating/consumption window, but let’s get it underway and, as I’ll not be out on the road again until Spring I’ll consider that hurdle once I’m well and truly underway.

@Greenballs @atb88 @Biffa94 @Steve_Green @bbats @DaveA @Unimatrix0 are you ready to rumble? :grinning::grinning:


DAY ONE - Saturday 15 December:

Ate last food on Friday evening…lamb balti takeaway about 8pm. So fast started there and had no issues during the first day Saturday. It is important that the fasted hours are totally clean which means nothing should be consumed that ‘spikes’ your insulin levels. And pretty much anything other than black coffee (no accompaniments like milk, sugar or sweeteners) and plain old water will bring about a spike in insulin. Very soon after you DO consume anything remotely sugary the hunger pangs can start and make maintaining the fast nigh-on impossible.

The only time I got somewhere near stomach rumbles I was on the way to the gym, and after I’d knocked off 11,000 metres on the Concept 2 rower they disappeared. That was finished by 5 o’clock and I set off to meet missus and others for a pub supper.

We eat around 7 o’clock…I had two racks of lamb (basically four ribs), nice and meaty for ribs. Add to that cauliflower and broccoli with roast baby spuds. Close on a bottle of white wine…but this style of eating is NOT calorie restrictive, so that was all okay.

Finished all consumption by say 9 o’clock, so this first day’s Fast/Consumption window was closer to 22:2 than the 20:4 that I am aiming to follow.

I wasn’t at all hungry once we got home, and absolutely no problems overnight and into Sunday morning.


Aye am gona give it a shot 2 see if it works 4 me or not. Gona try my best n keep a close eye on results. What u havin with eating window?? U keepin it on xmas day ?


Good effort, mate. Whilst intermittent fasting isn’t calorie restrictive per se, if you eat more calories than you need, you will put on weight. That’s fact.

In saying that, eating all the calories you need within a 4 window would be extremely difficult so I’m hoping to see great results from you!

I’m tempted to give this a go in the new year as it’ll mean preparing one fewer meal a day and I do intend to start prepping food in the new year at some point.

Keep us updated, mate, all the best!

@Biffa94 - get involved, it might be good for you!


@Biffa94 …hold fire for, say a couple of days until you’ve read a few more tips, I’ll keep them short, but being properly prepared will stop it £uckin’ you up straightaway.

@atb88 …Yes, as you’d expect, the authors I’ve followed are clear, and so am i, that untold calories within the eating window and binge eating will cock the whole premise up. The book I’ve just started today refers to actual foodstuffs because, as the author says, we’re all different in what we like and need from the nutrition. Clearly too, 2,000 calories of jelly beans is not quite the same as 2,000 calories of raw vegetables. This type of tip @Biffa94 is why it will be best to wait, I’ll have posted enough by say Wednesday night for you to start late in week or weekend.


Aye am up 4 that, give me a few days 2 get sorted


Following also as I’ll join in the new year. Sometimes I sort eat breakfast anyway so will watch with interest


Yes @Biffa94 …it will definitely be better that you’re informed and fully prepared before you start. Giving me these five weekdays to get information across to you would be great…maybe you start Saturday…or whenever you say after?

@Greenballs …would be good to know you’re interested and following closely… I’ll have to stay straight on track and inform well! :grinning:


Aye ok sounds good


DAY TWO: Sunday 16 December:

So I’m now fasted from 9 o’clock last evening. Broken with glass of white wine (not best decision, more on this later)…but it’s 6pm, so 21 hour fast and broken coz missus just gone to cook my supper:

Shepherd’s pie, broccoli and spinach. Not required to count calories, but I’m thinking it can’t be more than 800; add wine and it’ll be under 2,100 which is my Total Daily Energy Expenditure…what I’d burn just sitting on my £rse doing sweet Fanny Adams…and I have done 5,000 metres on Concept 2 rower. So about 300 calories burned there but… @Biffa94 it’s NOT about calorie-counting, just do need to not go overboard when you’re in the eating/consumption window.

How did today’s fast go? No hunger this morning…left home and stopped for book read and 2 x black coffees, then to gym for the row. Mid afternoon dogwalking plus another black coffee. No hunger this afternoon either…quite tempted by coffee shop gluten-free fruit cake that missus had, but although I could have had one and opened my eating window early, it would have limited fasted window to just 17 hours… probably best move not to do less than 19 given I know I have the capability to hang on, so the fact I resisted makes me feel good!

Tomorrow being a weekday will, I think, be slightly easier. Routine is good. My eating window tonight should finish by 20.00 hours… I’ll be eating supper about 6.40 then another wine will take me to 8 o’clock then I’ll stop, and the fasting hours begin again…

PS: I should note I’m starting off weighing in at 203 lbs.


I like that about it i propa hate calorie counting it boring and hard. I dunno if 2 start on like.18hr fast? 1 til 7 ish? Dunno


Await information first @Biffa94 before you get certain hours fixed in your mind. That’s what I mean about taking on board information before you start. I’ll get you informed enough to start by Saturday…whether you do start then is totally up to you, but please don’t make assumptions or decisions before then.

You following advice and the lifestyle just behind me is assisting others who are simply viewing for the time being… @atb88 and @Greenballs …so YOU are helping out by (1) waiting (2) participating.


Ok i will try my best promise


For time being @Biffa94 , all you need to do is:

Read the thread - ask questions to clarify what is suggested
Be patient - you’ll know enough by Friday night to be ready to start Saturday

Question for now: What typical foods make up your weekly shops, were you to buy all your groceries in one go? Potatoes, bread, broccoli, fresh fish, chicken, lamb, salad, Kentucky fried chicken, chips, McDonalds, beer, wine…put all the shit down and all the best stuff.

List ALL your weekly shopping list:


Ideally frsh veg n potatos
Like stirfry kit or curry kit or summit like that
Frozen fish
Frozen pie things
Cereal bars


@Sacadoh get some of this mate :+1:


I’ll be following but I recon 16:8 might be best I could do. I am too soft.


Good honest list there @Biffa94 …what form does ‘frozen’ fish take when it reaches your plate? Same question ‘takeaways’… How much do you actually LOVE these other foods?..or might you be quite relaxed about some changes?


Frozen fish like cod or whateva in breadcrumbs normally. Im not to bothered, i do like me soup n branflakes n yogurt. Im obsessed with takeaways. The rest yea am flexible


What takeaways though,… typically? How often?