INTERMITTENT FASTING - This Porker's Journey ...from Day One (Sat 15 December 2018)




1 or 2 a week. Chippy, kebab, burger, pizza…stuff like that


@Biffa94 … I’ll come back to you more on nutrition and foodstuff choices later in week, but just for now keep near the forefront of your mind a thought:

Which of the following would carry you through the day better, and more particularly one of your long, coastal walks:

2,000 calories-worth of jelly beans
2,000 calories-worth of raw vegetables?

I’m not encouraging you to eat your vegetables raw, that’s not the purpose of the thought. And, as it happens, the concept of intermittent fasting is NOT to get participants to count calories. During the ‘window’ in which you’ll have the green light to eat and drink what you like**, there is no need to count calories you consume.

**That said, if you fast for say, 16 hours (eg) 8 o’clock in the evening through to 12 noon the next day, but then binge eat on 3,000 calories-worth of fish and chips with a pie you might as well save yourself the effort of fasting…it won’t £uckin’ work!

…but bear in mind the above ‘image’ - pile of jelly beans or pile of vegetables. This is about getting @Biffa94 much fitter and feeling great. The bonus is that you’ll also lose weight.


Am not sure tbh. All that raw veg wud hav farting like MAD but the jelly beans probs get me abit hyper lol. I think its probs best mixing up different kind of food

Aye i really do think it b good if i can feel better cos i often feel abit sh!t n i dunno if thats just how ppl normally feel or what. B good 2 see like


DAY THREE - Monday 17 December

Hospital consultation first thing this morning, so no opportunity to exercise before work. No hunger pangs whatever, nor desire to eat through habit.

Some water plus two black coffees. Merest hint of hunger around 2 o’clock, but past as soon as had some plain sparkling water…

Broke fast at 5 pm and have opened what will be a two-hour eating window making the day a 21 hour fasting day.

Foods: 2 x salmon fillets, fruit salad (grapes and melon) plus sushi (tiniest slithers fish + rice).
Total calories including two glasses wine: 650 + 600…1,250.

Strange happening / feeling though: At close of my working day I stopped driving to have some food ahead of going to gym to row. 20 minutes after eating I became very tired and pulled over for a kip!

Never went to gym, but after the wine that refreshed me once home, the consumption window close 7.00pm…

I MIGHT ADD…that although I pulled over to eat, it was simply because it had hit 5 o’clock which represented the end of the planned 21 hour fast, and more exactly because I wanted to fuel up to enable me to row without fear of honking (hitting the dreaded wall, representing depleted sugar levels). I actually did not feel overly hungry.

Overall though, a good day as the body is presumably adapting to this lifestyle. I’m definitely swayed by the advice I’ve been provided which is to be absolutely certain to NOT take on board any beverage or chewing gum etc that could stoke up the insulin levels.

NOTE TO READERS: Any intake that contains sugar, or sweeteners which the body simply assumes is sugar (this includes flavoured waters, chewing gum, fruit herbal teas) will and does, result in a spike in insulin levels and is very, and highly, likely to lessen resistance to eating because hunger pangs will make resistance too weak.

I’m not going to deliberately put this advice to a practical test… I’m keen to maintain a 100% protocol record for this, my first month on intermittent fasting.


Yeesh, 1250 calories though :thinking: I don’t think I could sustain that for more than a couple of days. I’ve been consistently eating around 2100 calories a day during my last 30 day group, eating two main meals plus a snack during a 6 hour window and lost a stone. Never felt difficult and I didn’t feel any adverse affects. I kept mostly off the booze, but If I did have some it was usually slimline G&T’s and built into the 2100 calorie average :+1:

Im following this thread with interest, well done for being the guinea pig :laughing::+1:


@Zero4 sorry for being late to the party, I missed the memo :slight_smile:

Sounds like good progress so far, and I’m impressed that you are not feeling hungry during the fasting periods.

A very interesting concept that water and black coffee are the only things not to trigger hunger pangs - a tactic I might try.


Definitely FACT @Unimatrix0 .I’m following the authors advice that she provides having her already read all other learned studies.

And, as she says, if there’s ANY chance that sweeteners or fruit teas DO produce an insulin spike (and bring to an end your fast early) why take the chance?


Right @Biffa94 …Listen up because this is going to help explain to you and anyone else how hormones in your body affect your eating…and why and how intermittent fasting is going to help you.

Incidentally, be sure to hearing mind that intermittent fasting (IF) isn’t something you start today and end when you get to some ‘goal weight’. Something you start and then stop is a DIET. Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

IF is about your HORMONES; in particular:


Insulin is the key to fat-storage and fat-burning. If you keep your insulin as low as possible in your body you are able to burn fat. If insulin is high, your body wants to store fat. Insulin is the key hormone to understand if you want to lose weight and keep it off long-term.

Ghrelin tells us that we need to eat, and leptin tells us we have had enough.

If your body is sensitive to both ghrelin and leptin, and everything is working as it should, you will remain at your ideal weight effortlessly, and your appetite will tell you when to eat and when to stop. We were born with these hormones working exactly with each other. A baby doesn’t know how many calories he has scoffed, but he gets hunger signals to tell him when it’s time to eat. If you try to feed a toddler who isn’t hungry…he isn’t going to eat!..which is how we should all live our lives.

Children come into the world with appetite hormones that are working perfectly, then get told to eat at mealtimes…likely to be set times, then get highly processed foods, both of which work together and get us to completely lose sight of satiety signals…that is, whether we are actually hungry or not!

When we follow restrictive diets, count calories, eat according to a meal schedule etc., we disconnect from our satiety (I’m full) hormones. The bottom line is: if we’re having trouble sticking to a diet it isn’t your fault!.. it’s your hormones. The overwhelming drive to eat is coming from GHRELIN, telling you to eat more. You/we are no longer able to get signals from LEPTIN, telling you that you’ve eaten enough.

Constant or frequent hunger is a sign that you’ve made some poor dietary choices that aren’t working in your favour, whereas being properly fed…being satiated is a good sign, telling you that your body is happy with what you’re doing.

Are you with me @Biffa94 @Greenballs @Unimatrix0 …shall I explain a bit more on IF and how I now totally believe it’s MY way forward? If the above all seems bollix to you, I’ll stop!


Some of that is abit over my head but i defo agree ots good 2b connectd 2 ur hunger n thats mainly been what im tryna do. I feel like if i can get better in tune my hunger/fullness itll come easier n i wont hav 2 lifelong count calories

Iv become over my life totally cut off from that. I go between overeating including binge eating then panicking n not eating properly, gettin hungry, cycle begins again. Eating out of lonliness or bordom or whatever then hunger. Mite as well b honest iv used substances 2 block my hunger 2 but its not a good long term thing. Need 2 sort it out, listen 2 my body better.


Well that’s exactly what I’m hoping and attempting to do for me…and you. I’m getting this across to you in (hopefully) bite-size chunks…no pun intended. But they are important steps to get a grip of. If you understand what we’re actually doing and why, you’ll find it easier to do the intermittent fasting and NOT get so £uckin’ hungry when you’re doing the fasted bit like you said happened in the past.

Can you have another read of that previous post and get me to re-explain anything that is not clear, coz else I’m wasting our time! It’ll be good to make sure we’re on the same song sheet @Biffa94


Aye i think i get it its just dunno lots about science n that but am a right in thinkin IF lowers ur insulin an makes them other 2 work better?


@Zero4, please keep the thread going. I’ve found your posts really interesting and have been impressed with the success that @Steve_Green has had in the past month with a 6hr eating window.


Yes @Biffa94 , just about. Maybe carry this picture in your mind:

Imagine you’re standing in the downstairs room of a house.

The house has has a cellar which has an ‘acceptable’ level of water in it. Not enough that would prevent anyone living in the house, but of course you wouldn’t want the house flooded.

On opposite walls, one to your left, one to your right, are stereo speakers.

You’re going to live in this house.

The water is in fact insulin. It’s alright, it’s fine. You just don’t want loads of it, and you don’t want it to flood into the house above a certain level…the floorboards.

The speaker to your right is GHRELIN…through that speaker comes the voice of a nice, friendly gremlin that advises you that you need to eat.

The speaker to the left is LEPTIN …and through it can and does come the voice of a leprechaun. Leptin the leprechaun tells you gently when you’ve eaten enough and can stop.

All three are fine, they all get on…none of them bother the other and remain in harmony and you of all people would very much like that to remain so.

Well they WILL all get on shortly, only just for the time being someone’s left an overcoat hanging over the LEPTIN speaker, blocking out the sound (you’re not getting to hear when you should stop munching).

The only sound you do hear is that coming from the other GHRELIN speaker telling you to eat whatever you fancy. Oh, and someone’s pumping more water into the cellar, so the water level keeps rising to flood the room.

Once you’ve got a handle on how those three hormones actually can and should work in harmony, we can set about removing the overcoat, adjust the stereo balance controls so you can hear the appropriate sounds from each speaker, and ensure the water levels of insulin remain healthily low, and don’t get unnecessarily ‘spiked’.

Once you’ve got the hang of that scene @Biffa94 we’ll move on to how and why intermittent fasting can redress these balances, and what things can £uck up the process. It’s important to understand each of the respective layers that make up this appetite correction process.

If you understand the whole process, you’ll be able to control all your future actions as you see fit to safeguard your soon to be good health AND also, yourvweight.

Leptinlin and insulin is the base layer…are you ready for next layer of understanding? Fire any questions regarding THAT layer, but not preempt what’s coming next! :grinning:

NEXT UP: it is INSULIN that is the driver of weightloss NOT calories!


What the f*ck is this? Are you taking something to stop the hunger? :joy:


I liked it me, it wasnt ne more confusing 2me then like 50% of what ppl normally say lol
Ah right so like how does the insulin effect the other 2 or is that just like a seperate thing


That’s actually the whole £uckin’ point @atb88 …taking nothing! It’s the very fact that peeps DO take something… ie food or wrong drink…that spikes insulin and thus pushes them into hunger, and thus eat!

Read and learn… I’ve cracked it!

Four days now with 20-22 hour fast on each.

@Biffa94 just bear those three hormones in mind and all will very soon fall into place. Honest. :grinning:


You had me at Ghrelin


Am lookin 4ward 2 the next bit lol


I meant are you taking illicit substances to come up with something like that? :joy: