INTERMITTENT FASTING - This Porker's Journey ...from Day One (Sat 15 December 2018)


@Oceanseleven get back on it mate :+1:


This isn’t true I’m afraid mate,

If you’re in a caloric deficit there is no excess of energy to store,

Insulin has zero affect of weight gain & loss, but it does sell a shit load of books & make people rich.

It’s just simply not science

Also IF has no evidence or science based backing to suggest it has any effects in the absence of a caloric deficit

Just be careful, as you’re advising people on things that you’re obviously not sure about (I know you THINK you are, but I’m telling you as somebody who’s fully qualified in this field & live & breathe the research that this stuff just simply isn’t true,) so be very careful as you’re stepping WAAAAAY outside of your scope of practice by advising people on nutrition

It’s like me taking it upon myself to advice people on medication for cancer after reading a book based on fiction

If you do want to go down this rout, great! but go study nutrition & learn the science from an evidence based (preferebaly AFN acredited course) it & read the actual research not someones book.

Or better yet, from an actual academic body

IF, IF you’re going to read books, read textbooks not ‘best selling’ books

Start with this mate:


Also, subscribe to alan aragons research review, the mass research review, james kreigers resewrch review, read though lyle mcdonalds, follow martin macdonald & consider signing up to mac nutrition uni, register with research journals & follow the work of peer reviews researchers such as stu phillps, kevin hall, brad shoenfeld etc

There’s more research in those things alone than anyone most ever get through,

I’ve literally just spoonfed you with all the main sources in the world of nutritional science, if you go through those you’ll know more than 99.9% of people ever will about nutrition, there’s literally zero excuse not to be aware of the mass body of evidence in the world of nutritional science now

Most welcome :slight_smile:


Lol, well that’s killed this thread :laughing:

Personally I’m finding it easier to stick to under 2300 calories a day by missing breakfast and eating from 1200 through to 1800. Whether the weight loss is purely down to less calories or there is some ketosis happening as well, I don’t know :+1:


Am really confused what 2do now. Do u think its ok if i try it still cos it mite help if iv only got less hours to eat, that was my thinking


How do u kno if ur in ketosis , does it have a smell? I heard some1 say it does like ripe fruit


No, that’s Asparagus :laughing:


I can see the benefits of IF though, if you don’t eat as many calories as your TDEE, you’ll lose weight. Cutting your window of eating can help that, but again, it all boils down to calories in v calories out.

If IF helps you with that, it can’t be bad, surely?


Iv really appreciated everything @Zero4 done its very kind. Even if there was a mix up about facts about things by accident


Yep, it literally just means not eating when you’re not hungry & saving those calories for when you are hungry

There was a study done a few years back showing that it increased to baseline life-cycle of flatworms, which promted every tom dick & harry to write a book on IF as a magical diet with health benefits… it’s not, it;s just a way to manage hunger

Instead of ‘IF’ I just call it “don’t eat if you’re not hungry” lol

& Don’t call me shirley lol


Whatever works for you mate, whatever system that you personally enjoy & can adhere to that creates an energy deficit (the driver of weight change) :slight_smile:


Ketosis & IF have zero affect on weight control outside of hunger management mate, they’re just tools

IF = don’t eat when you’re not hungry

Keto = eliminates an entire food group from your diet, carbs, which are the bodies preferred source of fuel (why in the hell anybody would choose to do that I don’t know)


Sorry, Penelope.


One thing is for certain, my house is on the market and once we sell…Bosh!.. I’m traveling to between Pyrenees and south coast of France to find some land with two properties on it. One for us, one for mates to visit with road bikes to cycle the lumps…many are 18+ kilometres climbing and, although in past I’ve been knocking them out anywhere between 218 lbs and 200 lbs, I joined MvF to join like-minded folk in banter and encouragement and so progress down to 180 lbs and in so doing do myself justice on them there two-hour climbs…and the rest of our 3-5 hour bike rides. :grinning::grinning:

One thing I don’t £ucking’ need is a barney on a forum, and I’ll not be so much as commenting on any response. I’m too well set up in my life to stoop.

In intermittent fasting I see one means in which to maintain my downward weight descent, 219.2 lbs in July, 199 lbs this morning. The stall I had for two groups was down to injury and mystery lump upon which I await surgery.

Rather than simply counting calories consumed each day and comparing them to the calories I’ve knocked out in exercise (spurious read-outs from machines and calculations anyway)…I see intermittent fasting as a healthy means by which calorie consumption can be reduced. If I fast through the night and into the next day, in the period during which I (or anyone else following daily fast route) do give myself to consume, I’d have to be a complete twat to stuff myself with all-you-can eat buffet food and copious amounts of alcohol and lemonade because consumption of too many calories has to be totally counter- productive given the intention is to lose weight!

Simply counting calories in versus out without a supporting strategy isn’t for me.

Intermittent Fasting appeals to me, and to many other porkers worldwide.

Compare it if you like, to a car drive from Newcastle to London - you could drive it in say, a 2 litre Volvo…or you could do it in a 2 litre Audi … I’m choosing to do it in a different car than might suit another’s chosen vehicle. Simples. Like I say, I’ll be commenting no more on this.

I might continue the journal as it has created some interest, I’ll just provide no tips nor advice. Bad luck chaps, the description of the journey is denied you! … ‘Hurray’ say some …who could have just scrolled by, as we all often do :grinning:.


“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”
- Mark Twain

I, for one, hope you keep this journal up, including summarising research you have come across. Zelots come in all shapes and sizes, in all walks of life and professions. The more certain someone is about what they are arguing about, the twitchier I get.

I think this weighloss journey is like a maze, everyone gets their own maze, and needs to find their own way out.


Keep it up, @Zero4, I’m keen to see your results.


Hi mate, re-read my posts & you’ll see that I’ve been extremely polite & helpful, I’ve even left TONS of resources & references for you to look into to help you understand nutritional science better :slight_smile:

But you’ve chosen to view that as a ‘barney’ for some reason? :frowning:




Well i keep accidently callin it involuntary fasting but thats not the one