INTERMITTENT FASTING - This Porker's Journey ...from Day One (Sat 15 December 2018)


I do find the tone of some of the posts in this thread to be unkind and aggressive in a way that I don’t see often in the Groups I have been involved in. The “I am right and you are wrong” statements presented, with an almost religious fervour, are not particularly helpful or persuasive. People should allowed to be wrong, experiment and make mistakes, including those people with the most certainty, without fear of bullying.

I used to work in finance and economics. Long before the 2007/8 financial crisis (the aftereffects of which we are all still enjoying) there were a couple of guys called Myron Scholes and Robert Merton who were involved in a company called Long Term Capital Management. They won a Nobel prize for being smart guys. Their level of certainty in their business nearly destroyed the Americal economy in 1997.

Authors like David H Freedman and Nassim Taleb are written some well received books on the matter of certainty. I have seen the latter speak, and read a couple of his books, and would recommend them, although they can be heavy going.

So in conclusion, a further plea for kindness from all, and for encouragement and support over argument and point scoring.


It’s gone like this:

OP: “Insulin is the driver of weight gain” (it’s not)

ME: That’s actually incorrect mate, here’s a TON of resources for you to look at where you can learn everything you could ever want to know about nutritional science” (I even put some smiley faces in there lol :slight_smile: )

OP: You’re arguing”

Person 2 “You’re being unkind”

Wtf? Lol

You’re 100% correct, there is no such thing as certainty in the evidence based/science world, which means we have to constantly be willing to change our stance depending on the body of evidence… meaning we have to stay on top of the research & always be learning etc

But, of the decades of research (I’ve posted resources where anyone can assess this) there is ZERO evidence of insulin being the driver of weight gain, that IS certain.

The only reason I even posted in here is because people from this very thread are inboxing me because they’re now confused & unsure what to do for themselves after being told things like:



This thread has actually reminded me that I need to create threads on things like - fly-fishing, knitting, how to be a better lesbian lover & other topics that I have absolutely no clue about :joy:

Anyway I’m out, just ate a banana, insulin is rising, better go run it off before I get fat (even though I’m in an energy deficit) lol


Point entirely missed.


I think aswell sometimes it can b hard 2 get the tone exactly when its written online not a face2face convo. Like u say the groups hav been nice but even in the early days of the group we just done i thought every1 was havin a go at me or sumthing n got abit bothered by it. But then over times i realised i was just taken things the wrong way.

Anyways i think what am sayin is i hope every1 is ok. And that iv not said or done the wrong thing at any point


Can I interest anyone in my new book that’s coming out next year called the M&M’s Diet? Its the story of how I lost 3 stone by eating only M&M’s, but not the orange ones :+1:

Merry Christmas everyone and good will to all men.


Haha! something not to dis-similar to this actually happened, it’s called the ‘twinkie diet’ where a professor basically lived on twinkies, stayed in a calorie deficit, lost weight & improved his health markers

Here’s the link:


Stop editing your posts, @maxnas, ffs!

As for “bullying” on this thread, I’d like this highlighted as I haven’t seen any. If it’s deemed to be bullying then the correct course of action should be taken by the forum moderators.

I appreciate the lengths @Zero4 has gone to with this and it will work for him because I know he’s the type of guy who doesn’t give up lightly. It may even work for others thanks to his inspiration.

I also appreciate the comments made by @maxnas which has added clarity and science to the thread and ensured all advice given is good advice.

We’re all in this together, fat men, determined to lose weight. We wouldn’t be here otherwise and Man v Fat wouldn’t exist. Let’s get back on track with the thread and enjoy the fruits of @Zero4’s labours i.e. he finds something that works for him to get results and potentially inspires others to do the same.



lol sorry, typing on my phone whilst walking.

Yeah honestly, I just sincearly just want everyone to have success & have access to the truth so they can finally feel better bout themselves, enjoy life more & live longer, that’s it.

sometimes my attempts at humor seem tio get taken as digs, but that’s really not my intent

All the very best fellas :slight_smile:


I’ve literally just been brought down a peg by trying to be funny. It’s not for everyone. :joy:


Here’s something for you guys who actually want to know more about this stuff & might find useful,

This is the link to the now famous Kevin Hall Keto study funded by NuSi (Nutrition Science Initiative)

NuSi is actually founded by Gary Taubes (a well known carbophobist & insulin hypothesis pusher) even though he has zero creditionals in nutrition.

Anywho, Taubes is so obsessed with his hypothesis that ‘insulin makes you fat’ that he founded NuSi so they could conduct research to test for it (even though this has already been done over & over & over again & again etc)

They hired top peer respected researcher Kevin Hall to do the job & conducting a metabolic ward study (where people are literally locked in chambers & only eat what they’re fed) to see what the difference is when it comes to weight loss betweek a keto/low carb & high carb diet when calories are matched

Unfortunately for Nusi & Taubes, the results of the study shows that both lost weight equally & the elimination of carbs or that the state of ketosis is not superior for fat loss & that it in fact played no part in fat loss

NuSi & Taube of course then refused their own studyt because it didn’t prove their hypothesis to be true (fcking LOL!)

Taubes was at an event not long after debating alan aragon & at one point alan asked him “if you had crystal clear evidence proving your hypothesis to be incorrect, would yopu accept it” to which he replied “no”


I’ll see if I can find the video somewhere, I’m pretty sure I posted it on the forum at the time (way back in 2015)

Taubes now claims that he’s still correct but the science just hasn’t caught up to him

Anyway, here’s the paper that basically put the nail in the coffin as far as the nutritional science world is concerned (unless someone one day provides legit evidence that lifts the nail back out)


Conclusion: The isocaloric KD (KETO DIET) was not accompanied by increased body fat loss but was associated with relatively small increases in EE that were near the limits of detection with the use of state-of-the-art technology. This trial was registered at as NCT01967563.


Heres some more good resources.

Bluezones is an awsome book to pick up, but you’ll probably get the gist of it from the cover alone (see pic)

Here’s a good visual showing the downward trend of sugar consumption over the past 20 years whilst obeisety has skyrocketed (US and OZ graphs)

Hope this helpful? :slight_smile:


Ground hogg day for me. Chicken salad for lunch, steak and stirfry vegs for tea.
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@Drums1875 Mate,

nowt wrong wi’ groundhog if its working (bring on tomorrow and more of the same if it’s good 4 u) - who cares if u stuck it in the wrong place (ok, yer missus might, but lets not go there :joy:) - we could do with uplifting on here right now pal.


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@Zero4, how are things going with your IF experiment?