Introduction from Canada

Hey, guys - newbie here from Hamilton, Ontario. My weight has been a struggle all my life, and at my age (54) the health risks are becoming a scary reality to me. I’m a hairdresser, and photographer, and need my body to not hold me back from performing my work well. I also have dealt with West Nile disease, which has had a significant negative impact on my energy level and strength, making it even harder. I realize I cannot do this alone, and welcome the community for support and encouragement. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you guys and joining a 30 day group.


Welcome @Gord777! West Nile is a tough thing to deal with I’ve heard. It’s tough to keep up the energy but a 30 day group can definitely help keep you going :slight_smile:

Glad you are here!


Hey welcome @Gord777

Great place to start is here -

Welcome @Gord777 this is a great place

Thanks Peter…!