iPhone issues

Hello all

It used to work

If I book mark my mvfia group the book mark goes to an old group and if I add a short cut to desktop it links back to main page

I am running iPhone 6S latest iOS

It used to work fine :slight_smile:

Anyone got any ideas I am going slowly mad

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Sorry to hear that Jamie. I’ll ask the discourse support people to look into it.

It’s wierd I set a book mark to new group and it links back to an old one (mvfia Wales for some reason?). Sending to desktop takes me to top level of the forum page

Yeah I’ve a weird one also. Used to have t as a web page saved to my home page and just click in. Then it was messed.

Not getting on as much as the icon isn’t there to look at me.

Could either of you screen cap or record what’s happening please?

Probably best if I do a short video tomorrow using another phone

But these might help