Ipswich - New Player


Good Evening I have taken the plunge & registered for the Ipswich league.
Looking forward to being added to s team :crossed_fingers:


Hi mate, our registration night is this Friday, so im sure you will get put in a team then. Our league coach Tom should be in touch soon!


Hi Guys

I’ve just joined to, quite concerned at playing football now I’m so overweight! Lol
Where do we actually play in Ipswich?
Is it boots or trainers?


Hi @robjpeachey - All venues play on a 4G surface, so I would say you would need a typical astro turf boot, or a moulded stud. No screw-in studs or anything you’d use on a normal muddy grass pitch, basically. Your coach can confirm this once he’s assigned you into a team.


Hi @robjpeachey , we play at Portman road, the training pitch around the back of what I think used to be the Britannia stand (long time since ive watched them play huh…). There is free parking there, game nights there are no issues providing your in the parking bays / not on double yellows. I use astro’s but some use plastic blades/studs. Ive never slipped in my Astros. see you friday


Hi Robert

Thanks very much for your message, much appreciated.




I’ve also joined a week or two ago and just received my Direct Debit emails so guess that means a team is due?

Looking forward to playing and meeting some new friends :slight_smile: