Is it Christmas already?

Completely random topic here…

I’m just coming to terms with the depressing end of the summer, ok ok I’ve been dragging it out (I’m a summer baby) and it seems like it’s gone from “ooooh starting to get cold” to “Christmas, right in your face”

Does Christmas really start for you guys at the beginning of November?

I’m usually just starting to accept the winter at this stage, ready for Christmas to start in December, but literally on Nov 1st, the Mrs & I were out in town & it’s full on Christmas (lights, german christmas market, music etc)

Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOVE Christmas, it’s my favorite time of the year by far (even though I hate cold weather) I’m not even religious at all, growing up with My mother (Welsh) & Father (British Arabian) coming from 2 different religious backgrounds, they always left everything wide open to explore & decide for ourselves.

But my folks still always made a big deal of Christmas growing up, Christmas day dinner, boxing day family get together, and a general great time for lots of family (both side celebrate it, mums & dads) & friends getting together, just a great time of year.

But… c’mon, it can’t be Christmas yet already, right? lol :slight_smile:

From what I read it’s christmas when the John Lewis ad comes on. I know there’s a store in Dublin that decorates for Christmas as soon as September hits. We are more Dec 1st when the tree goes up.

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Sadly yes and it’s annoying but that’s commercialism, clear out Halloween crap move in Xmas crap. Thankfully I can avoid it easily. For me Christmas starts when I finish work on the last day! It’s odd being a childless adult at Crimbo just glad to be on a break.

When we worked the Missus and I would put our artificial tree up first weekend in Dec cause we were so busy that Dec would fly by without our having time to experience the season.

We are both retired now things seem even worse! The sense that time seems to move so fast now coupled with our moving somewhat slower makes me start to think Christmas starting around mid-Nov. I do, at least wait until after Canadian Remembrance Day. Also, if you want to avoid putting up outdoor lights in sub-zero temps (centigrade) and snow (which I decidedly do) you really have to at least get your set up done around now or earlier - even if not turn anything on until Dec.

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Anyway I think after the financial crisis shops needed our money and people spend more at Christmas so the shops put out the stuff earlier.

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In my book Xmas in November can just #### right off!
Unfortunately I’m a minority in my house and no one listens to me.
Which is why I’m sitting here with my headphones on whilst wifey has the radio tuned to HeartXms with its continuous loop of Xmas songs




I work for a well known British Department Store chain. Our Christmas add launched last weekend. Some people do start shopping for Christmas around now. If you do any kind of craft for Christmas (say making Christmas cards), then it starts for you in August.

It seems to be that it’s Christmas as soon as Halloween is over now. Everything seems to be about Christmas now - Xmas food and drink in shops, Xmas ads, etc., and although like you, I looooove Christmas, I’m so not ready for it yet!


The predicted shoppg levels are lower this year thanks to Bexit biting. Retailers need to really push this year as it is this time they make most of their profits for the year. With said predicted fro on sales they are nervous.

December 1 for me. No earlier. However the Sainsbury’s near the office had mince pies on the shelf the day after August bank holiday Monday…!!!

I’ve actually gotten alot of my Christmas shopping done already. No point in waiting till everything is sold out, I can just get it all done now, and laugh as everyone else runs around like a chicken with its head cut off.

That said, the weather is a real twist this year. Warm T-shirt weather till halloween, thanksgiving you need a freaking parka. And very little in-between.

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