Is it worth joining if you're useless at football?

Afternoon all.:slight_smile:

As per the subject header really. I’ve always enjoyed sport, particularly football, but unfortunately I’ve always been crap at it. I was that kid that always got picked last, or sometimes not at all.:joy:

I recently joined a local badminton club to get fit and thought I was making decent progress, but I got a WhatsApp message from the coachstating that I wasn’t welcome back as I wasn’t good enough, which was impacting on the other members development!

This also happened when I previously played 5 and 7 a side many years ago, when after regularly turning up and trying my best I was told I was a liability, which completely demoralised me.

I know the leagues primary goal ( pardon the pun) us weight loss and fitness, but be honest. Am I wasting my time, or is it worth signing up?

Thanks all.

Yes, sign up. I was in two 14 week sessions, but I didn’t play football every week. You will be part of a squad of players, so losing weight from your registration weight will score “off pitch” goals for your team.
Oct 2016 115.7 kg, I just adjusted portion sizes and became more active. Coach will offer you support as well as your team mates. Currently 85 kg, so close to healthy BMI!

Hello mate,
you don’t have to be great at football , i’m not ,i normally just go on for 10 minutes and do my best, but i’ve lost weight every week so far which earns my team goals. Being part of the team is what its about, and support from your coach and team mates. join up ASAP you will be fine.

                                               Good Luck

Nobody will ever say you are not welcome due to ability. It’s about weightloss, and there’s a lot of other overweight men who are not very good in these things. There are also some better players, maybe because they lost weight, got fitter, etc but nobody will ever stop you from participating.

I did 5 seasons & I am a far better player now than when I started. Because I lost weight & got fitter.

Yes, I did and I’m 12st down and still awful at football.

I hadn’t played football since I was at primary school and started MvF when I was nearly 50.
First match I barely managed 10 minutes and I was rubbish. I played for three seasons and even scored a couple of pitch goals towards the end and playing the full 30 minutes was no longer an issue.
I would say , go for it.
If that was their attitude at the badminton club then I can’t imagine it was much fun anyway - MvF is.

Don’t worry about ability I was 57’when I started and hadn’t played since school, just sign up and enjoy it

Yes mate join up.

The league i play in have such a range of footballing abilities its great and everyone is so supportive. As long as you try your best nobody minds how good or bad you are. .