Is Kensington coming back? (West London)

Sorry for being a drive mad but if me and a friend join will we be on the Same team

Suspect not mate. team’s need to be allocated/spread out for even team distribution. Not to say they can’t make an exception. Just saying. :+1:t4:

Is there a contact number for the coach

Mate does the coach ever reply to emails lol

Don’t know haven’t emailed her lol

Will try and get a contact number for you when I’m there on sat :+1:t4:

I wanted to start Saturday

Me too, when do the teams get decided?

Got decided last week.

Worth dropping Ben Gallon a message, you could maybe turn up about 9:30 on saturday as I think thats when they start with the measurement taking etc and he had said the to members who missed it last week

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Yeah, I was told I would be assigned a team last week. Will try again.

Anyone got Ben gallons email address

Cheers for you help mate but I’m giving up. I’ve tried the coach and Ben and still no response, man v fat is crap when it comes to communication

No worries mate. I hear you. Wish you the best of luck nonetheless. Whether it’s in our league or elsewhere :+1:t4:

Me and my mate have signed up we’re on the orange team

Nice one man. Good luck. Catch you soon

Mate it’s brad from the Lambeth league do you still have my number


I’ve lost your mate can you message me

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