Is Keto viable?

Hello all,

So a youtube video, from a channel that has always done in depth nerd analysis. Basically, the youtuber is saying he lost close to 150 lbs based on increasing his fat and protein intake. And he started doing this after he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and started doing a whole mess of research on blood sugar.

What has me intrigued is his claims about lack of cravings and hunger. Which is kinda a big thing for me. Cravings are tough thing for me, especially for me in the afternoon. Here’s the video, fair warning its a long one:

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I’ll have a look at that vid shortly!

this is my own opinion - for me personally, keeping carbohydrate foods within the boundaries of ketosis eating (generally 20 grams or lower per day), I don’t get cravings anywhere near like I do when I’m eating bread, porridge, anything remotely processed in terms of starchy foods.

I’m currently doing Stoptober with alcohol, sugar, and processed starchy carbs taken out of the equation - this is not the first time I’ve adhered to this way of eating - and I have practically no cravings for food whatsoever, even when hovering around the 800-1000 calories per day mark.

Why this happens I think is where people start to come in with theories, pseudosciences and ideas about hormones and satiety, but for me, once I’m adapted (I’m currently 28 days of 20g or less) I think about food FAR less.

You could argue being sober could be causing this, or exercise, or placebo effect, or the fact you shed tons of water weight straight off the bat which makes you feel good, but a lot of people report the same thing about hunger dying off when you eat the keto way.

You can only try yourself and find out yourself really. First two weeks for me were HORRENDOUS, headaches, irritable, tired, brain fog, but suddenly it all just seems to kick in, I’m currently feeling completely boss and can quite easily walk past the bread in the kitchen, not care a monkeys when I see my mum eating a Twix or my dad eating crisps.

Can you keep such a strict way of eating up long term though, it all depends on how much you enjoy eating eggs, meat, butter, cheese etc and generally keeping fruit, bread, pasta, sugar out of your life - if you can, I’d say it’s worth a shout, otherwise just persevere with the outright calorie control with the foods you enjoy eating and try and deal with cravings in other ways.


If you enjoy it sure, but keep in mind it’s only a way of controling caloric/energy intake, when matched calorie for calorie, keto doesn’t offer increased effects for burning fat

See the famous kevin hall Nusi metablic ward study here -

So it really depends if you like carbs or not,

If you like carbs, why would you eliminate them from your diet & do something more restrictive than you enjoy less?

That being said, some people do get on well with it

Protein is the most satiating macronutrient, but you can always increase protein to meet your hunger needs without eliminating carbs from your diet (having said that, Keto isn’t high protein, it’s high fat, moderate protein)

There’s nothing magical about it, but industry charlatans peddle it for profit as when you remove carbs you drop stored glycogen (that’s what we call carbs when they get stored in the muscle & liver) & water, which makes people think they’re losing fat quickly (they’re not)

Personal preference is the key here

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Is there anything anywhere that follows up scientifically on hunger and cravings though?

We all know cravings are not always genuine signs of hunger.

Or is it just removing something from your diet means your body just forgets about it as a fuel and thus no longer craves it?

Surely from the outset, if you’re not craving food in the first place, that’s an additional fat loss weapon?

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Yep, cravings can be 2 fold mate, ether due to deficiency or psycological

Keto is viable. I have been following this type of diet for 2 months with great results.

The cravings go away after the 1st week

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I think there was a “greatest loser” MVF guy on here that raved about keto as a good starting point for weight loss, but was saying after 6 months, 12 months, it could get quite boring missing out on the occasional sweet treat and having nowhere new to go with meals. He just switched into calorie control/deficit without eliminating food groups.

The real issue with ketosis eating for me is ONE mistake and you’re screwed for about a week trying to rid the HUGE water weight spike you end up with.

You’re also limited with exercise and just how far you can push it. The food energy transition from keto food intake to doing a big workout is completely different - so again personal choice against your goals.

Other than that I think it’s a great way to move forward, it feels pretty balanced day to day with mental clarity and controlling hunger.

Like in any diet, you need to learn how to cook yourself, otherwise you are screwed. Having said that you can make loads of sweets that will not break your diet.

I do agree however that a mistake can be costly as it will set you back a week. Regarding exercise it really depends what you are doing. If you want to go for body building or competitive football then yes, it probably it is not for you. If you hit the gym 2-3 times a week and play 2 games of footy per week then it is ok.

Also, like in ANY form of diet people think that they will reach their desired weight and then start eating the same shit as before and as by magic will not put on any weight. Big mistake.
When you reach your desired weight, start adding “forbidden” foods into your diet but in moderation.

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After some soul searching, I don’t think this diet is for me. I like my carbs.

like he said in the video, I’m probably addicted to carbs. Difference is, I’m ok with that. Here in NY, we make amazing bagels. And asking me to give them up is something that’s beyond me.

Fair play @mattig89ch - each to their own… I think everyone tries pretty much every diet/way of eating throughout their life, different times = different needs.