Is lunch making me fat?

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of attending one of my registration sessions…or indeed listened to me at any point over the last 3 years even…will have heard me use breakfast as a prime example of the quick differences we can make to our lives that will have a positive impact on our weight loss as I truly believe it is far too easy an opportunity for people to consume anything up to half of their daily calories before even leaving the house and therefore an easy win if you can get to grips with it.
However last week’s Food Unwrapped programme on Channel 4 focussed purely on lunch and is definitely worth a watch by ANYBODY that has a genuine interest in losing weight…I say that because we all know some one who says things like “I try so hard but the weight just doesn’t come off” whilst still consciously (or sub-consciously) dipping into old habits like snacking, eating larger portion sizes etc.
Unlike a lot of the so called informational programmes on the tele this one didn’t try to preach or flog any particular product(s) and even looked at the physical exertion of some of those contributing in relation to calorie intake of the meals chosen.
I honestly think that we can all find something in it that might make us think even more about how easy it is to consume more calories than might be expected so check it out on the link below:

Would be great to see some replies on a)what you thought of the programme and b)some tips on healthy lunches to share throughout this fantastic community.


Tin of soup. Crack open into a bowl, 2 or 3 minutes in microwave, sub 200 calories. Always plenty of flavours to choose from. Yogurt sub 100 calories.
Packet of French Fries crisps 79 calories.

And that is nearly every workday lunch. Which is why I never feel guilty of the random KFC day.


I am a creature of habit and generally will make couscous or some variations for lunch - usually about 500cals. I work in an office and daily I’m amazed at the amount of food people that people eat - kebabs, subways chippies to name but a few frustratingly some seem really bloody thin as well !


In work always too busy for lunch and at home I consciously avoid it because I know I can cope without. I’d much prefer to have a 1500-1800kCal tea and skip breakfast and lunch.

Had this routine for over a year now and lost 8 stone on it. Never tell myself no to tea, coffee or a soft drink during the day and always join in if a buffet in work so it’s not a hard and fast rule that I can’t deviate from, but it works for me.