Is putting unused calories on the next day a good idea?


Hello all,

So I had an idea while counting calories. Yesterday, I was under by exactly 60 calories. Is it a good idea to put those calories on the following day’s allotment? Or would that cause weight gain?


Surely if you are staying in a deficit for the week then the result is some loss? Also look at those saving calories for weekend blow outs so it does be done


If you’re trying to lose weight, I wouldn’t go out of your way to eat more food than you hunger levels want.


that can defo be useful


That…is a really good point Green. This weekend might actually have one of those blowouts. So having those extra calorie savings, might help to reduce or just negate any potential gains from that.

Thanks for that!


Yeah but make sure you still keep track of what you’re eating. 60 calories can disappear very quickly on the extra helping of chips or the extra pint.


Is it worth it? It’s less than a boiled egg.

Mind you, you know those sugar free jellies?
The entire pint is only 36 calories… :grin:


I actually don’t know what jellies your talking about. And 60 calories on its own, no. But 60 calories added to 2k, and now we’re cooking with gas. Cause that 60 could be added to the another 60 (which is what its looking like I’m going to have today), to give me 120. And 120 is enough for a campfire marshmallow.


in the UK, these: add boiling water to dissolve then cold water, wait to set.