Is something wrong? (1000 Calories According to MFP, Feel full)

I have asked my doctor. No inflammation.

So this past week, I’ve been eating this.

0/8 Cups Costco Greek Yogurt (100 Calories)
1/2 Japanese Shishito Pepper (8Cal)
1 Large Egg (72 Cal)
200g Romaine Lettuce. (35 Cal)

0/8 Cups Costco Greek Yogurt (100 Calories)
200g Firm Tofu (176 Cal)

100g Cayote (80 Cal)
85g Chicken Breast (142 Cal)
190g Romaine Lettuce (30 Cal)
Large Egg (72 Cal)
1/2 Japanese Shishito Pepper (8 Cal)
320g Cabbage (80 Cal)

I didn’t measure oil, but I use it VERY sparingly, so I’ll assume 1 TBSP. So 120 Cal.

Note: I am low carb, so meh. I just prefer the lifestyle, not so much for weight loss or anything.

Total Macros/Calories:
Calories 1043
Protein 115g
Net Carbs 30g (53-23 Fiber)
Fat 38g

Plenty of Calcium, Potassium, and Vitamins (Multivitamins + Food)
I am a smaller guy, 120 pounds, 5"6. If this makes me full, and meets my macros, should I just keep going?