Is the race over

…for the title of Biggest Loser? Ryan Farley is now on 11.18%, well ahead of Rob Newman on 8.89%. After leading all the way this season Rob seems to have hit one of those mid-season blips right at the end, but he still has two weeks to make it up. Question is, can he do enough? The 5% club is looking close for several players, Robin Healey is already in but Jamie Davies (4.95%), John Hookey (4.86%) and Phil Knowler (4.25%) area all primed to make it. Can anyone else sneak in with just two weigh days of this season left?

On the scales Blues Captain Curtis Vickers must be proud of his team this week. Although he didn’t get on the list himself FOUR of his team did and lost over 1kg. Jordan Hampton lost 1.5kg, James Mudie lost 1.4kg, Darren Aylward lost 1.1% and Ryan Farley lost 1kg. The only other player to lose over 1kg this week was Blacks man, Corey Honess. Corey has been here since day 1 of this league and it’s great to see that he still has the enthusiasm needed to keep going. Sadly there are no mentions for any of the Yellows, Purples, Reds or Whites this week with, unfortunately, several players showing small gains. I’m sure this is just a minor hiccup though and will be sorted this week.

The second round of cup matches produced an upset when Purples lost for the first time this season and also saw a game decided by the scales. The first game of the night saw Blues to an easy win over Yellows with an 11 - 5 scoreline (15 - 10 with scales). I really do feel that the Yellows have under performed this season, they have the individual players but haven’t gelled as a team. But the Blues did the business to gain their second cup win, along with Blacks the only side to do so. Game 2 was another very close match that was eventually decided on the scales. Reds beat Whites 7 - 6 in a topsy turvy game where both sides had and lost the advantage but after the scales were added it was 14 - 12 to Whites. Morgan must be happy with is team for that effort. The final game of the night saw Purples field an under strength side and start with two ringers (two good ringers I might add!) until Joe Brown turned up late (as usual!). A game that could have gone either way ended 4 - 3 to Purples thanks to several goals from Mac Doyle. After scales results were added it was 7 - 5 which shows that Purples had a fantastic weigh in but it wasn’t quite enough. With Blacks and Blues on 2 wins each, Purples, Reds and Whites on one each and Yellows yet to register a win, it looks like the cup competition is going to be very close to decide the finalists. The crunch game will be Blues v Purples next week, almost a winner takes all match but Reds just might sneak in. Can’t wait to see what happens.

With only two weigh ins left this season it’s time to ask yourself if you do enough to make it work. If MvF on a Monday night is the only exercise you do, it won’t be enough. We all know that calories out is greater than calories in for weight loss, to do that you need to work off what you eat, and then maybe a little more. So here’s a challenge. Get out a t shirt, shorts, socks and trainers and lay them on your bed. Then time how long it takes to get out of your current clothes and put those on. Less than 2 minutes I bet. That’s how long it takes you to get ready to go for a slow jog, a long walk, to the gym, to the swimming pool, whatever is it it’s less time than you have spent reading this post! So do it and go for a little jog, or walk. You don’t have to go far, nor fast. Run, slowly or at least at a comfortable pace, for 1 minute. Walk for a minute. Run 1 minute. Walk 1 minute. Or run to the next lamp post, then walk one. Do this 10 times. I promise you that if you do this 5 times this week it will get a lot easier and quite quickly. You will soon find you are running 90 seconds, walking 30, or several lamp posts and walking just one. Before you know it you are running for 20 minutes. Some of you will say that your knees are shot, well run on the grass around your local park. It gives a ‘natural’ bounce and is a lot less stress on your joints. Let’s see how many of us do it and discuss in on Monday.

Finally, the new manager, Martin was made to feel welcomed by all of us. He had some good things to say and over the next few weeks I am sure you will all get to know him and, thankfully, not have to put up with me so much! He is a PE teacher so is qualified to give you all the advice you need, use him. And don’t forget. GOALS. 4pm SUNDAY. Pitch 4. IT’S FREE!

Hi, I’ve just signed up and looking forward to meeting everyone. Am I right in thinking the new season starts in July? And does anybody know if any teams have spaces ? Just trying to navigate all the forums etc whilst waiting to hear if I get assigned to a team . Well done to all of you who are already on the road and best of luck. The waiting bit is horrible :grin:

Hi, I assume you are joining the Portsmouth league? New season does start in July but we have two weeks of this season left to play, you may well be assigned to a team this week. I think the teams will be mixed up at the end of this season so you will get into one. See you soon - philk

Thanks Phil, fingers crossed, look forward to meeting you and getting on a football pitch for first time in years

I have just joined too and am waiting on a team allocation

Looking forward to playing,

Still no idea if myself and my mate are meant to attend induction/ registration tomorrow. Have registered etc but no news , shame really