It's good to be back - Taunton league 01/03/20

First time back at the league in over 14 months and it’s great to see so many guys fully engaged with how everyone is doing and with 6 of you getting hatricks and 3 getting their 5% there’s obviously a lot of work gone on over the last 7 days.
Those of you that know me from old will know that I am all about the weight loss and celebrating success so a massive well done is in order for Ian and Scott(both hatricks) and Rhys(5%) from Chipswich, Phil from Hardly Athletic(hatrick), Jason and Mike(both hatricks) from Red Leicester, Callum (hatrick) and finally Andy and Dan(both 5%) from Scoffenheim :clap: :clap: :clap:
Some things never seem to change in MvFF and one of those is that generally speaking guys that have had a rough week on scales more or less know exactly why it hasn’t gone their way and that was pretty much the case today but the great thing about Sunday morning weigh in(whichever way it’s gone to be fair) is that another week starts all over again so my advice is put last week to bed. That doesn’t mean forget where it went wrong but use that experience to make positive changes this week to help tip things back in the right direction.
There’s an awful said about this weight loss lark with many, many people making ridiculous money with any number of schemes/diets/advice(quite often pretty poor) that draws in people in their millions around the world but I’ve always worked on one very simple, scientific basis that the one thing you need to lose weight(or to be more specific fat) comes down to two very specific words…CALORIE DEFICIT.
There is no such thing as bad calories or good calories, they’re ALL calories and the simple fact is that if you consume more calorie than you use you will create a calorie surplus and gain weight.
If you consume less than you use you’ll have a deficit and lose so in it’s essence this losing weight/fat thing is easy isn’t it?
If only that were the case eh? There’s a little thing called life that tends to get in the way and impact our decision making, and that’s giving credit that a conscious decision has actually been made in the first place.
The good news is that one of us need to be a genius to apply the science though. the key thing to remember is creating a CALORIE DEFICIT - probably best to get used to those words cos I use them A LOT!!!
As a starter it’s worth knowing that in 1lb of body fat there are 3500 calories. So if you want to lose 1lb a week you need to create a calorie deficit of 3500 which is obviously 500 a day spread over the week. We’ll talk a lot over about this over the next few weeks I’m sure but if you use this as a start point it should well help you understand the hows and whys of weight loss and hopefully help to focus on how you choose to focus on your own particular weight loss journey.
It was really good to see so many guys using food diaries today, keep that up and concentrate on that calorie deficit and I’m sure we’ll all see some incredible results right across the board.

Final results, tables and fixtures can be found on our league homepage

Have a great week, see you next Sunday

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welcome back mate!

Glad to see you back involved Roger, we are down in Taunton on Sunday to take on your boys.

Yeah the lads were talking about it the other day, they’re well up for it so should be a good one hopefully.

Cheers mate, will probably take a few weeks to get myself back up to speed but it’s good to be starting again that’s for sure

It’s kinda like the movie… ‘the dark knight rises’

“Rog Rises” yeah, good ring to it :slight_smile:

Rog Rises was the working title for the new Viagra advert.

Good to see you back Roger.

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Hi Tim, can’t believe I’ve missed that sense of humour of yours :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
Hope you’re keeping well mate