Joe Wicks (the body coach) hates me lol


So, many of you guys know that I got banned from his facebook group for helping people with some basic nutrition 101 advice a few months ago… not going out of my place or stepping on toes, its a community full of people asking and answering questions, but seems like the info I was giving was the wrong kind (clarity and money saving info lol) so they banned me…

Anyhoo, I saw joe posted a ‘healthy icecream’ recipe the other day, but the recipe itself was 800+ calories

So, I posted a simple “non negative” comment that read…

“Hey Joe, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but this recipe is 800+ calories, and while I know you personally dont like to count calories, the science (as you know) says that ‘calories still count’

Just wondering if you could please clarify for your followers what exactly is ‘healthy’ about this recipe, as I’m sure some might be a bit confused by this and would like some clarity, Thanks mate!”

The pic below was the responce…



:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :man_facepalming:


Well that told you!


“BOSHED” into exile! :):joy:


Don’t let the truth get in the way of some more book content it would appear…


There is something about people, organisations and companies blocking or irradicating views or questions that are contrary to their own.
It calls to mind the various oppressive regimes that have blighted the world over the years.

Keep up the good work @maxnas


I was going to play devils advocate here and say that there appears to be some sort of sense to his approach - ie dont consider yourself on a diet that’s bound to fail, continue to eat the food you want within reason but obviously work your ass off with HIIT and weights etc, and also a lot of people do say they get results following his plan, books whatever.

But then I saw this…

£97 f@cking quid!!


Mate, you should see the daily comments/frustrations etc in the FB group. There’s ZERO support in the groups, just a mass of thousands of confused & frustrated people. The social media marketing posts only show the highlights…

don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to be seen as a bad thing, in-fact if people can get results without having to feel like their on a diet & living a life that revolves around calories & numbers etc, that’s the BEST possible thing that can happen…

but from what I’ve seen, I’m very disapointed in the disempowerment of the approach to feed business purposes



I didn’t realise it was that bad - so they are just flogging as much merch as possible then?

I’m surprised Channel 4 are supporting it - maybe you should raise it with them, they are supposed to be reasonably un-corporation?


Every time I look at his face, all motivated and that, I still can’t get it out of my head that it’s basically Russell Brand if he hadn’t done all the drugs…




Watch this space mate, I’m about to completely ruin it for fitness marketers charging people a small fortune :slight_smile:


The more I read reviews online, the more I think there’s smoke and mirrors going on too.

I was just reading something about a girl who was spending almost £600 a month on the food advised in his Bodycoach book.


Im a bit on the fence with him, i like the recipies and yeah i know they are quiet high in Kcals but what i find help is to make them once acording to the book and then go back and adjust them to suite your needs.

Its a Fad and like all fads they work for some people and not for others that why you do see some people getting success with them but the majority dont get the results they want.

My new thing is find the fad that works for you, there is so many of them out there, from paileo to joe wicks to ackins, i wont go on but each one works for some people but not for others.

some people are lucky and find a fad that suits them and they get great success other like myself and alot of other here have tried many and they have not worked!

so heres hopping we all find our fad soon!


This is why our business model is built around supporting guys whatever diet they choose to do (even the insane ones - and we’ve seen a few of them) because ultimately the best diet is the one you can stick to.

Clearly, we advise people away from the dangerous stuff but sometimes that works for them. I certainly wouldn’t advocate someone doing long periods of fasting or VLCD without getting their doctor’s ok (which they almost certainly wouldn’t give) but I want to cheer every man on who wants to improve their health, regardless of their choice of how they do that. I think we stand a better chance of influencing their choices if we’re a supportive community first and a source of information as well.

Also Joe Wicks has better hair than me so ■■■■ that guy.


He looks like a spanial


He also lives in one of the most expensive areas of Richmond in London, another reason to continue the hatred…


He also talks like 1960’s Batman; KAPOW, THWACK, BIFF.

Hipster bell.


You can call them ‘little trees’ all you want but they still taste like broccoli! Twat!


It’s even more un-PC than that he calls the midget trees